The Battling B’s

Oh, my … does the Dem Party, the historic party of slavery, secession, and segregation now look to add another “s” to their banner of massive fail – that of ‘socialism’, or whatever currently-fashionably euphemism that superannuated, work-shy Commie-symp, Bernie Sanders wants to call state control of any resources of value, including the labor of the masses? Looks like the finger of the burned fool is wabbling back to the fire, as Mr. Kipling so memorably put it all these decades ago. The live-action political version of Grandpa Simpson polled well in Nevada; he would have looked perfectly awful at the Dem Party debate-debacle … save that apparently all the other contenders came off even worse.

The next of the battling B’s is Joe Biden – who might once have had a shot, on the basis of almost half a century representing his constituents and two terms as Obama’s lump-onna-log VP. Major achievements besides enriching his immediate family, and feeling-up and hair-smelling just about any female above kindergarten age who came within reach? Might have once been enough, but the man is going senile before our very eyes. Who among his staff and presumably concerned family thinks that this is a good look, publicly misplacing his last mental marble on the nationwide stage? I can only think that those in charge of Joe-wrangling somehow think that if they have cushy jobs now, they can hang on to them indefinitely if they put him in a pot in the corner and water him two or three times a week. And of course, fend off any serious investigation into how the Biden family monetized Joe’s term in high office by claiming such investigation to be dirty partisan politics.

And then we have the third Battling B … late-comer Michael Bloomberg, or as some have begun to call him “Money Boo Boo” and “Mini-Mike”, who seems to be campaigning mainly by pouring money into advertising ubiquitously; TV, radio, internet venues, bloody everywhere. So far this mostly has resulted in bugging the snot out of ordinary people who just want to get the heck away from politics. One particular radio ad raised the Daughter Unit’s ire by describing him as ‘mayor after 9/11’ – implying to the casual hearer that he had an active part in the immediate response to that event, instead of taking office a year later. Perhaps the operative theory is if you only break down and vote for Money Boo Boo/Mini Mike he’s go away and let you watch TV, listen to radio and surf Instagram and leave you the heck alone. Well … at least he was a mayor, and has an administrative record of accomplishment, of sorts.

So, it is going to be interesting – in the sense of the apocryphal Chinese curse – at the Dem convention this July in Milwaukee, if these three continue to vie head to head. Bernie Sanders has the passionate following, seemingly ready to react violently if the old work-shy commie-symp is screwed out of what they view as his due. Mini-Mike Bloomberg has the money and perhaps the support of those Dems who actually respect real administrative experience … and Joe Biden possesses the ragged remnant of gravitas through decades of senate experience and having been Obama’s VP. My sense of this is that either way the convention goes, partisans, supporters and allies of the other two will be seriously annoyed. Discuss as you feel inspired.

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  1. when mr biden was selected/elected (!) VP, at least I could then say he would no longer be my senator. though mr coons and mr carper aren’t a whole lot better.

    but then i left and came (back) to texas.

    i have been mystified by mr biden’s appeal as good ol’ (crazy) uncle joe. on the one hand i could see that, but how anyone could hope to use that as a launching pad for a serious office was a real stretch.

  2. Oh, my … does the Dem Party, the historic party of slavery, secession, and segregation now look to add another “s” to their banner of massive fail – that of ‘socialism’

    At one time the Demos were known as the party of Rum, Romanism and Rebellion. There was some backlash to that label, if I recall correctly.

    Though the 4 S’s seem accurate enough to me.

    I recently took the Wa Po poll: Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most?

    Out of 20 questions, I agreed with the Demo candidates on these number of questions.

    Biden 11
    Bloomberg 10
    Gabbard 8
    Klobuchar 7
    Sanders 3
    Warren 1

    Which indicates there is a reason why I don’t vote Democrat. I recently visited my sister and some lifelong family friends,some of whom were shocked that I was a yellow-dog Republican who had abandoned the Democrats of my youth. But as Reagan said, the Democrat Party left me.

  3. Yara
    i have been mystified by mr biden’s appeal as good ol’ (crazy) uncle joe. on the one hand i could see that, but how anyone could hope to use that as a launching pad for a serious office was a real stretch.

    The appeal of Joe Biden is that of all the Demo candidates, he is the one who most exemplifies the Democrats before 2008, or the American mainstream of that time. I would no more vote for (fill in the appropriate descriptor) Joe Biden than I would swallow arsenic. But note my previous comment, where I find out that of all the Demo candidates, Joe Biden’s views are the ones most in agreement with me- though 11 out of 20 isn’t much.

  4. The Democrats are reaping the consequences of Obama’s decimation of their farm teams. Something like 1100 state and local offices changed from D to R during his two terms. Why ? Some of it may have been his racial divisiveness. The incident of Trayvon Williams might be one. I spent an entire Saturday reading the CTH coverage of that event.

    Then came the event in Missouri at Ferguson, again aggravated by Obama and his racial police force in the DOJ. The St Louis Rams aggravated the situation in mimicking the fake “Don’t Shoot, Hands Up” scenario. Then came the U of Missouri incident. The white professor of communications said “We need some muscle here,” as she forced a student reporter away from a demonstration, UM freshman registration dropped 15% the next fall and they closed a dorm.

    The racial incidents at colleges, especially the demand for segregation, 50 years after whites made a great effort to end it, has added to the disgust with Democrats.

  5. @ Mike K – and before that, Obama inserted himself into a police matter in Cambridge, creating the impression that there was something to discuss other than Henry Louis Gates (not an unreasonable guy when sober) being uncooperative with the local cops. Hence, the “Beer Summit.” Divisive from Day One. Biden was present at the Beer Summit, though I think invisible.

    Democrats may worry he can’t be elected, but the insiders are very happy with how easily he can be manipulated.

  6. I wouldn’t get too happy about the current Democratic implosion, because the Republicans aren’t too far behind them in terms of failure to answer the needs of the electorate.

    What we have here is the failure of the establishment, at all levels. The party organizations are sclerotic, devoid of meaning, and entirely unresponsive to the desires of the grass-roots. If it were otherwise, they’d be healthy. As it is, they’re dead organizations walking, just like the local Elks clubs and the Masonic Temple. There’s no vitality there, no growth, no interest.

    Overall, this is not a good thing. And, just like with the news media, the people running the organizations did it to themselves. Ask the average person–“Who’s your precinct captain?”, and what you’re going to get in return is a blank stare and a question back “What’s a precinct captain…?”.

    The institutions that this country relies on to run itself have all committed mass suicide, supervised by the idiot-savant elites we’ve carefully nurtured. Look around you–Does anyone of you think that even the Tammany Hall machine politicians would tolerate the crap that goes on in San Francisco, today? I doubt it–As venal and selfish as most of those lot were, even they weren’t dumb enough to kill the Golden Goose, and knew better than to let people sh*t in their streets.

    Today’s politicians aren’t even that smart, despite all the education they’ve gotten. This is something that ought to concern the rest of us, because the amount of essential incompetence on display here is potentially world-ending. I can’t wait until COVID-19 breaks out in the street camps in Seattle, and then we get the spectacle of these idiots trying to quarantine the homeless and still remain politically correct. This deal has the potential of showing up a lot of these creatures as irreducibly corrupt and incompetent, which is not a winning recipe for success.

    My guess is that the political class in this country is in for a hard time, and a lot of them are finally going to have to either produce, or suffer the consequences. If they’re lucky, that’ll be unemployment. If not, well… I won’t be surprised if a bunch of trees and lamp posts don’t get some new decorations.

  7. Today’s politicians aren’t even that smart, despite all the education they’ve gotten.

    Have they ever been? The job description of politician doesn’t necessarily include intelligence, at least not IQ. Successful politicians usually have high emotional intelligence.

  8. Well, looks like Nanny Bloomberg thinks his $600M “Stop Bernie” campaign was successful so he can drop the charade.

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