7 thoughts on “Light, Airy, Fishy…”

  1. This is a sick display of speciesism that does not respect our piscene neighbors, but treats their corpses as decorative objects. Would a display of shrunken human heads be “funny”? These native species peacefully inhabited the waters around Florida long before the white, male, Christian invaders came and attacked their habitats with a genocidal practice of “fishing” — which really means killing and eating these peaceful creatures.

    The whole thing should be taken down, the President should issue an apology, and a memorial to the destroyed lives, and way of life, represented by these victims, should be put in its place.

  2. > That pool looks full to me.

    It does appear to have twice the number of flotation devices normally required by law.

    However, despite the overcrowding, I will happily volunteer my services as lifeguard or official flotation ensurer.


    Some people fish in the Sea of Life without bait.
    …and some people ARE bait.


    Since only one-fourth of the Earth’s surface is land, and three-fourths of
    it is water, the Good Lord obviously wanted everyone to spend three times
    as many hours fishing as plowing.


    Only dead fish swim with the stream.


    “I rented Jaws IV. That shouldn’t even be the title. The title should be
    ‘Here’s A Fish, You’re Stupid.'”
    – Richard Jeni –


    “He pasted picture postcards around goldfish bowls to make the goldfish think they were going places.”
    – Fred Allen –


    “There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”
    – Stephen Wright –


  3. think of the poor custodians having to dust those guys every day. in the people’s republic of austin, we had bluebonnets hanging upside down from the ceiling.

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