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  • $69.00 Shirts

    Posted by Jonathan on October 5th, 2008 (All posts by )

    $69.00 Shirts

    A bargain at half the price.


    3 Responses to “$69.00 Shirts”

    1. Obloodyhell Says:

      > A bargain at half the price.

      But not a bargain at that price.

      Wait!! I’m — I’m (horror of horrors!) channeling a liberal’s response (ewwww!):

      But they’re all made by slaaaaaaaave labor, man!

      You shouldn’t buy things like that because, like, if it weren’t for all the poor brown people toiling away for hours and hours only to get a dollar or two a day, man, those shirts wouldn’t exist, like, at all, man, like, bummer, y’know?

      We’ve AAAAAAllllll gotta take a stand, man, against, like, taking advantage of poor brown people who are making, like, only a buck or two a day, man, like, they shouldn’t be getting paid wages like that, like, man, y’know? Just because they don’t know they should be unionizing, man, to like, stand up against the capitalist pigs, man, taking advantage of them, man.

      They need to stand up and demand that they get, like, unemployment and shit like me, man. They need to stand up for, like, their rights and all, man. It’s a real downer thinking about how the fascist capitalist pigs take such complete advantage of them, man, and, like, don’t let them earn good wages or anything.

      Pfffffttttttt…. Like, y’wanna toke of this, man? It’s good shit, dude.

    2. Tatyana Says:

      OBH: The shirts are made in Milan.

    3. Jay Manifold Says:

      Hey, OBH, don’t bogart that joint.