Do You Have Any Cheese At All?

During a recent conversation with a csr from a vendor of mine, things began to get a bit heated.  I had several promises broken to me by the vendor.  They had not sent the stuff to me, and as a result my customer was getting pissed.  I was in danger of losing the entire job, and a customer to boot.  Bad.

I started to try to come up with solutions for the company, since they had none.  Here is an abbreviated version of the conversation.

Me:  Can you sub the item?

CSR:  No.

Me:  When are they expected to be in?

CSR:  Hopefully within a week.

Me:  Unacceptable.  How about looking at other distributors to see if they have some?

CSR:  Can’t do it.

Me:  Come on!  How about giving me a better model for the same price?

CSR:  No can do.

Me:  I need a solution to this problem – pass me up the chain of command.

CSR Manager:  Can I help you?

Me:  Does your company have any cheese at all?

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