I’m Tired…

I’m tired,
Tired of playing the game
Ain’t it a crying shame
I’m so tired…

Oops, there I go, channeling Lili Van Shtüpp, the Teutonic Titwillow from the movie Blazing Saddles – which cinematic offering must be about the last time we were allowed to meditate on matters racial in a mainstream entertainment offering with wit, good humor and malice towards none. Sad to say, that movie could not have been made in the last ten years, and certainly not this week. The social media meltdown would achieve nuclear levels even before production began, and by premier time would sink through the mantle of Earth to the burning core of it’s molten center, which I wouldn’t mind observing from a safe distance. Because I am tired.
Tired of a lot of things, so tired that I have gone beyond being polite and considerate of others’ feelings. Of what am I tired? Oh, liebling, let me begin the list …

I am tired of the strictures of political correctness which ignores the bleeding evidence of criminality in every degree, up to and including torture and/or murder on the part of black criminals when the victims are white, or at any rate, not black. Actually, I’m pretty tired of black-on-black violence as well. Black Lives only Matter when they are ended violently at the hands of a person who might (at a squint) be defined as ‘not black’, especially when there is the potential for a hefty sum in the offing for a wrongful death settlement. The daily and weekly toll in inner-city urban hell holes goes without comment, on the pages of major establishment national media, except when a case is quite brutally grotesque, and coverage cannot be avoided.

(Yes, indeed – was there any notable racial rampage when a black man threw a small white kid picked at random off a balcony in the Mall of America? When a black policeman panicked and fatally shot the very woman, a white immigrant from Australia, who had called for police in the first place? Or when a young white couple were kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a crew of black sociopaths in Knoxville? Or when another sociopath of color videoed himself beating the crap out of elderly nursing home patients … oh, the list of white victims at the hands, fists, guns, etc of black sociopaths could go on endlessly.)

I am tired of diversity, that monstrous insatiable throbbing dick which is unavoidable in entertainment media, especially in commercials and TV programs (among many others.) Yeah, we get it. There are people of color in every commercial, print and broadcast, and now in every historical TV program and movie, over and above their actual representation in the population, at every period of time and in every location. Anyone watching contemporary American TV and scoping out the print ads would think that America was a third to a half black. Instead of being something like a little over ten per cent.

I am tired beyond exhaustion regarding slavery. Yeah, we get it. Slavery … bad. Badbadbad, very bad. And not a whisper in mainstream establishment media about slaves of every color and degree other than Africans sent to the USA. Which is about the only place where slaves didn’t die in droves upon a year or so of arrival, requiring constant replacement by the most brutal means. Honestly, I wish that those who owned cotton plantations had picked their own damned cotton. It would have saved a lot of trouble down the line, including a civil war where one of the major causes was … slavery. Where do descendants of the Union dead from 1861-65 get their reparations and apologies? Or those who were anti-slavery to the point of life, blood and good social standing with their neighbors? Does that count for anything?

I’m tired of those nominated as ‘official leaders’ among the black community. As scurvy a set of knaves, bigots, scam artists and ambulance-chasing frauds as ever infested Tammany Hall in the century before last, and who pop up in mainstream media like toadstools in a well-mown lawn. Yes, I’m looking at you, Al Sharpton, of Freddy’s Fashion Mart infamy, among others.

I’m tired of being pleasantly surprised when a prominent person of color, especially in the sports or entertainment world self-reveals as being a responsible, courteous and upstanding good citizen and parent.

I’m tired of brutal black urban culture … seriously; violent, violently sexual, violently crude. Ostentatiously violent, and violently stupid beyond belief being considered as authentically black? Yeah: live up to every ante-bellum stereotype as the ignorant, sex-obsessed, violent Negro … way to go, urban thug culture! Nothing is so confining as the chains you have hung on yourself.

I’m tired of the decent, hard-working, ambitious citizens of some color being made to feel responsible for the above, through atavistic feelings of racial solidarity. Really.

I’m tired of the game.

And this is where I faint, and the four pickelhalb-wearing solders carry me off-stage in a conga-dance, while the cowboys in the audience fire their revolvers at the ceiling. What are you tired of, after this week?

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  1. Sgt. Mom,

    I agree with you.

    I’m equally tired.

    But, the “ruling class” … the academic-corporate-media complex (akin to the nomenklatura of the former Soviet Union) which has been running and implementing the “game” for decades … is not, alas, at all tired.

  2. Blazing Saddles was censored with its DVD release. The theater release version, and the VCR version, have the following original dialog which was cut from the DVD version:

    Madeline Kahn gets together with the sheriff in the dark and exclaims, “It’s twue! It’s TWUE!”

    Sheriff Bart replies, “Madame, you are sucking on my elbow.”

  3. I’m tired of every manager in my company feeling like they need to make a statement. This must be what it was like during communism. “I just want to say something about the great leader V.I. Lenin…And I will not be the first one to stop clapping.”

  4. “It’s tiring.” Something I regularly say at times like this. To which my husband or adult children respond, “Yes. It is tiring.” BTW, we raised our kids, now married w/children of their own, watching Blazing Saddles for entertainment. We all still laugh every time.

  5. I’m tired of seeing that the facts don’t matter anymore. It’s only about the perception. Perception is the reality to the mobs.

    And that I had better just shut up about that if I know what is good for me.

  6. I’m Tired… Oops, there I go, channeling Lili Van Shtüpp

    I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin’ bushwackin’, hornswagglin’ cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

  7. “I’m tired of seeing that the facts don’t matter anymore.”

    One of the Left’s tactics in their Long March through the institutions has been to dominate the institutions of information–news and education–both so that dissent can be overtly silenced and so that the public will not hear refutations of the left’s lies. Thus the left can tell the same blatant lies over and over, and make them seem true through mere repetition.

  8. I watched “Blazing Saddles” again last year on an Emirates Airlines flight. The movie was preceded by a warning that some people might find it offensive. But at least it was available; thank you, Emirates! And if Disney ever lets anyone see “Song of the South” again, I would like to watch that movie too.

    I was young when I first saw “Blazing Saddles”, and the scene that any young male will remember is of course the campfire scene … with the beans. Seeing it again, I was amazed at how anti-racist the movie was — perhaps the most anti-racist movie ever made. But it would go over the heads of today’s brain-dead virtue-signaling Social Justice Warriors. They can’t understand the proper use of humor.

    On second viewing, the scene that really stuck with me was when the multi-racial railroad work gang were negotiating with the white townsfolk — the railroad workers offered to help the townsfolk against the Bad Guys in exchange for land & settlement in the town. The townsfolk thought about it, and then counter-offered: “OK. We’ll take the Niggers and the Chinks — but no Irish!”.

    It is difficult to avoid the thought that our world has been going backwards in important ways since “Blazing Saddles” was made in the early 1970s.

  9. I am reposting and adding to a comment I made at Grim’s Hall.

    Grim @ Grim’s Hall: MN as a government has fallen out of order with the natural law. Police behaved like tyrants, then fled their duty leaving citizens exposed to a mob; then managed to arrest only a man minding his business (literally), protecting his property when the state failed in its duty to do it.

    Grim is correct. This escapade reeks of poor governance. Minneapolis has been governed by Democrat mayors since 1961- nearly 60 years, with the exception of 3 days around New Year’s Day 1974.
    This may have been the most egregious example of Chauvin behaving badly but it was far from the only one. Had the Democrat-governed city not been so beholden to the police union, Chauvin would have been fired long ago. Nor is this the only recent example of a Minneapolis cop killing a civilian. Recall the Somali cop who killed the Australian woman who had called 911.
    After Somali Cop Kills White Woman, Second Minneapolis Muslim Cop Arrested For Sick Crime.

    As the left forces diversity in the workforce, countless unqualified individuals are given the stamp of approval for none other than their skin color or religious affiliation. This became clear on July 15 when Somali Muslim police officer Noor shot and killed Australian native Damond because she allegedly “startled” him after requesting police assistance outside her home.
    (Soon, however, Noor’s extensive criminal history surfaced, revealing that he has a penchant for physically assaulting women and a racial hatred toward black Americans. Now, the same police department has another eerily similar incident on their hands, and they’re doing as much damage control as humanly possible to keep the media and American people from finding out.
    In a shock report that was quietly swept under the rug by the mainstream media, Police Cadet Ahmed Mohamed Jama, 29, was arrested and detained for threatening to shoot and kill his wife the night before being sworn in as a Minneapolis Police Officer. The police report states that Jama told his wife that he was going to “shoot her in the head” without fear of reprimand because he knew he would “get away with it,” local outlet Fox9 reports.

    When there are two examples of Minneapolis cops killing civilians- a black cop killing a white and a white cop killing a black- it doesn’t make sense to cry “white racism” for the latter and say nothing about the former. What both cop killings have in common is poor policy resulting in incompetent cops. Chauvin should have been fired, but police union rules the MPD and Democrat higher-ups in city government agreed to follow prevented that. Noor and Jama were not subjected to rigorous vetting because affirmative action hiring policies trumped rigorous vetting. These are examples of poor governance.

    Nor are the police follies far from the only recent example of dysfunctional governance in the Twin Cities. St. Paul schools changed discipline policy to ease up on misbehaving students who were black, with disastrous results. The Chilean-born school Superintendent got bought out to the tune of – was it a half million? One irony of letting her go through with the new discipline policy was that she had already had a policy failure. She had put ESL students into regular classrooms, with good results. No surprise- that is what Texas has been doing for decades. (In some states, “bilingual” students remain in their own classrooms for years, thus never becoming competent in English, while in Texas, policy is to have ESL in bilingual classrooms no more than a year or two.) She then concluded that as placement into regular classrooms worked for ESL students, the same would also work for Special Ed students. The problem here is that the two sets of students are not analogous. The main difference between ESL students and regular students is lack of knowledge of English- a gap that greatly diminishes with time. There are mental and behavioral differences between Special Ed students and regular students- and those differences generally do not diminish with time. The placement of Special Ed students into regular classrooms did not end up well. Nor did easing up on discipline end well. The St. Paul School Board, after having seen the Superintendant fail with Special Ed students being placed en mass into regular classrooms- shout “INCLUSION” for all- should have been at least somewhat skeptical about her policy change in discipline. Oh well, the St. Paul School Board found out soon enough.

    Instead of racism, the reason for his death is dysfunctional governance- Democrat Party governance. Agreement with police unions prevented a poor cop (Chauvin) from being let go. Affirmative action policies trumped rigourous vetting in the cases of Noor and Jama. Liberal wishful thinking substituted for effective educational policy on school discipline.

    As long as Twin Cities voters keep electing Democrats, they will keep getting it good and hard.


  10. Sgt, Mom:
    I’m tired of those nominated as ‘official leaders’ among the black community. As scurvy a set of knaves, bigots, scam artists and ambulance-chasing frauds as ever infested Tammany Hall in the century before last, and who pop up in mainstream media like toadstools in a well-mown lawn. Yes, I’m looking at you, Al Sharpton, of Freddy’s Fashion Mart infamy, among others.

    There has been a big push in the last 50 years to elect blacks. Congressional districts and state legislative districts have been gerrymandered to facilitate the election of black legislators. The result is that legislators have been handed safe seats. For the most part, once elected, they are elected until they die. Or as in the case of Jesse Jackson’s son- until they get sent to jail. Because they are safe seats, this results in several tendencie2.
    1) There is no effort to reach out to those on the other side of the political fence, as they don’t need their votes. Extremism yes, compromise no.
    2) Corruption becomes more tempting because there is no opposition in the district waiting to “pounce” on misbehavior.

    The push to get black legislators has been a good deal for the legislators, but not so good for their constituents.

    A childhood friend of the Afro-American persuasion is in the state leg, but as the district is maybe 3% black, it isn’t a safe seat, so the above temptations to corruption and extreme views do not apply.That also prompts the question: if the USA is so racist, then why does a 3% black district elect a black? Which prompts another question: if a black can be elected from a 3% black district, then why is it necessary to gerrymander a district that is 80% black?

    Given that Al Sharpton has a track record over 3 decades long of being an outright scoundrel, why do responsible people not shun him?

  11. Gringo, I am neutral on the Minneapolis cop. He may be a bad guy, he at least is creepy with a history of porn acting.

    Jack Dunphy, a former LAPD cop and columnist, says what I think.

    The video of course is damning. There lies Floyd prone on the ground, saying he can’t breathe while bystanders shout, “You’re killing him.” Through it all an oddly expressionless Chauvin keeps his left knee firmly on Floyd’s neck. And Floyd did indeed die, as the world would soon learn, so it seemed criminal charges would be forthcoming after the thorough investigation this or any killing deserves.

    No such investigation had come close to completion, and yet Chauvin was arrested and charged within days, an obvious but futile attempt to appease those calling for his head on a spike. They hoped to avoid a riot, but it’s riots they got, and then some.

    Now a narrative has been erected and universally adopted, one that brands Chauvin as a racist murderer and George Floyd as a martyr to the never-ending quest for social justice. And who would dare question this narrative, with the video of Floyd’s death as unambiguous as it is?

    But there are reasons to question it, and an honest search for truth demands that it be questioned.

    On May 28, three days after Floyd’s death, there emerged the first hint that the narrative may have been too hastily constructed and that its foundation was less than solid. The Hennepin County medical examiner issued a press release citing preliminary results from George Floyd’s autopsy. “The cause and manner of death,” it read, “is currently pending further testing and investigation.”

    This should have given a dispassionate observer pause. Surely, one might have assumed, an autopsy would have revealed evidence of the injuries Floyd had suffered and that no further testing and investigation should be required. This first bit of equivocation from the medical examiner went all but unnoticed in the media as the protests and rioting in Minneapolis grew larger and spread across the country. Later came another press release, this one containing more — but far from complete — details on why Floyd died. The cause of death was listed as “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.” It went on to list “other significant conditions: Arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease; fentanyl intoxication; recent methamphetamine use.”

    In other words, George Floyd fit the description of what is known in the law as an eggshell victim. The doctrine of the eggshell victim holds that a defendant is fully liable for injuries he inflicts on a plaintiff even if the plaintiff had a preexisting condition that made him more susceptible to being injured. But for this doctrine to apply, it must be shown that the defendant was acting unlawfully when he caused the injury. This is where things get murky and begin to escape the confines of the narrative.

    Floyd probably died of drug effects aggravated by struggling with the cops.

    When I see Ben Crump show up on a case, he has the same effect on me as Gloria Allred. The story is probably BS.

  12. Figuring out whether the incident on video is criminal or not is what trials are for, as imperfect as they can be, no one has come up with anything better.

    As time goes on, we are learning more about both Floyd and Chauvin. Floyd may have been in the process of dying from a fentanyl overdose and had a fair criminal record. Chauvin had been decorated for valor, and in the shooting incident alluded to in many stories, five other cops felt threatened enough by the “victim” brandishing a sawed-off shotgun to shoot him as well. I have to wonder about the hiring process of the club that had hired them both for security.

    The one thing I will bet serious money on is that if this comes to trial, Ellison won’t be anywhere close. Minneapolis seems dead set on accelerating their trajectory to become another Detroit.

  13. Thinking about Sgt. Mom’s post — part of what can make us tired is that all this bleeding heart posturing about being opposed to “racism” is based on a lie. A big “Divide & Conquer” lie.

    Does the “white” Ivy League professor feel more comfortable with a “white” Appalachian moonshiner or another Ivy League professor who happens to be “black”? Did the “white” English soldiers who terrorized the “white” Irish for centuries have any sense of solidarity with their fellow “whites”? Did the “black” Africans who enslaved “blacks” from other tribes and sold them to “white” English slave traders believe they were being oppressed by the “whites” who were making them rich?

    The history of Europe for the last several thousand years has been “whites” abusing other “whites”. The history of Africa has been “blacks” abusing “blacks”. The history of China has been Chinese killing & misusing other Chinese. Even within any particular ethnic & social group, there has historically been no quarter given — just think of “white communist” Stalin’s murderous purges of fellow “white communists”.

    The real enemies of the people are those who seek to divide us and use that division to advance their own evil ends. Such people have always been part of the human scene. Throughout history, they have used clan, language, religion as ways to divide us. Today, they use skin tone, and call it “race”. Perhaps it is time we turned the proven human capacity to hate “others” against the real Others in our society — those who seek to divide us in order to subjugate & rule us.

  14. The history of Europe for the last several thousand years has been “whites” abusing other “whites”. The history of Africa has been “blacks” abusing “blacks”. The history of China has been Chinese killing & misusing other Chinese.

    A wise commenter at Althouse, who is a Filipino and wealthy Silicon Valley investor, has moved his family to Spain to avoid what he sees as civil war. He says the two sides are the two “castes” of whites. Blacks are irrelevant. Much of what is going on is using the blacks, 13% of the population, as tokens to punish the traditional society, called by Kurt Schlicter the “Normals.” I tend to agree with this.

    African blacks that I have known, a number of them my medical students, are rather dismissive of American blacks. I have heard Nigerians refer to the slaves as “losers in tribal wars.” Remember that the slaves were sold to the slave traders by tribal chiefs who were also black. African slavery goes on today with most slaves owned by Arabs.

    The Mongolians are allies of the US because of their fear of and antipathy to Han Chinese.

    What I see is a radical faction that wants to return to segregation, mostly so they can be in charge. I don’t know how “black mathematics” is going work out for them.

  15. Sgt.Mom:
    all true.
    I’ll copy a comment I just left at Streetwise Professor, before reading your post. [“sickened” could easily substituted for “tired”, in this circs].


    I am sickened of all the public sanctimony, disgusting appeasement of criminal violent racist murderers, of intentional blindness to the fact that “revolution” – as in revolt and intimidation of law-abiding populace – has been organized from a central source and started simultaneously all over the country – and our elected Republican representative body not only DO NOTHING, they actively sabotage President Trump efforts. The romneys, the bushes, the rubios (read this: https://www.inquisitr.com/6086384/marco-rubio-riots/) and mattises learned nothing of history. appease today – you’ll be killed tomorrow. next time the vandals will need a beating boy you’ll be it. no amount of virtue-signalling will protect you of that fate. today you’re an useful idiot, “taking the knee”, tomorrow – vultures’ dinner.

    By coincidence, I’m reading a book Caesar/ Masters of Rome series by C. McCullough. A quote strikes me of being rather apt:

    He understood most idiocies, but could not, even in his most pessimistic moods, believe that a small group of Roman senators would actually prefer to precipitate civil war rather than face the inevitable and permit Caesar what was, after all, no more than his due. Legally consul for the second time, free of prosecution, the First Man in Rome and the first name in history books. These things he owed to his family, to his dignitas, to posterity.

  16. that’s a very perceptive fellow, much like my grandfather, who was mostly self educated but very wise, I don’t quite get why he’s moving to a country, with a popular front government, podemos is the junior partner, like the syriza party in greece. but the aftermash of the pandemic. might wash that regime away.

    Sallust who was a caesar partisan, and hence against sulla, who was the frontman for the optimates, of course catiline entered the picture about a generation earlier, in his revolt, which didn’t impress cicero,

  17. Thanks for saying what so many are thinking, and only daring to whisper out loud in small isolated rooms. This has so permeated our society that there is no where you can go and not be subjected to it.

    Tired is right. But we can’t let our weariness silence our voices. We must continue to find like minded fellow travelers and strengthen each other. Otherwise we will never find our way back to normal. And hell no I don’t mean the damn “new normal”!

  18. Ahh… well you see: I have the freedom to say it. I’ve already been called a raaaaacist for being an Tea Partier. I’m already a raaaaacist for so many other offenses against lib-soc-justice. Don’t care. Retired military, teeny small bidness owner in Texas, concealed-carry licence holder (although have to go through the motions of getting that renewed soon). Live in an outlaying suburb where the neighbors love me – can’t be made to care. Do a shakedown toss of my neighborhood? Probably enough personal arms for enough to equip a medium-sized European nation.
    We’re Americans. We do not bow or kneel.

  19. }}} Sad to say, that movie could not have been made in the last ten years

    More like the last 30 years, ever since Sharpton reared his ugly face.

  20. Blazing Saddles was censored with its DVD release. The theater release version, and the VCR version, have the following original dialog which was cut from the DVD version:
    Madeline Kahn gets together with the sheriff in the dark and exclaims, “It’s twue! It’s TWUE!”

    Sheriff Bart replies, “Madame, you are sucking on my elbow.”

    I believe you’re mis-remembering.

    The line appeared in the Playboy “short version” of the script, but it was more like “Madame, that’s my ARM”. That last line did not appear in the movie, I recall noting it waaaaay back when.

    But the various versions all had the “It’s TWUE! It’s TWUE!”, a rejoinder to an earlier, unanswered question where she asked “if it was true what they said about black men…”

  21. }}} I watched “Blazing Saddles” again last year on an Emirates Airlines flight. The movie was preceded by a warning that some people might find it offensive. But at least it was available; thank you, Emirates! And if Disney ever lets anyone see “Song of the South” again, I would like to watch that movie too.

    It’s available in Europe, or was at one point. As a racist American, however, you’re not allowed to see it…


    FWIW, you can download a pirate copy if you are inclined. I haven’t checked recently, but I got a copy about 15y ago.


    I also found a copy here, via Etsy…


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