Post-Implementation Audit Review

yes, it smelled good

– of the rendezvous, that is. PIAR Items:

Issue 1

  • Description: Overcorrected for anticipated too-early arrival time.
  • Area of Improvement: Change Management
  • Root Cause: Assumed functional highway network. Ha!
  • Mitigation: Allow 2x as much time if going anywhere on the Edens or the Kennedy.

Issue 2

  • Description: Initially parked in wrong garage.
  • Area of Improvement: Documentation
  • Root Cause: Didn’t ask hotel operator for detailed instructions.
  • Mitigation: Ask next time.

Issue 3

  • Description: Missed rendezvous with Carl.
  • Area of Improvement: Communication
  • Root Cause: Didn’t check comments on planning post after early Saturday morning.
  • Mitigation: Graze (Midwesterners don’t surf) through the blog at T-2 hours. Exchange mobile phone numbers. Buy Carl a plate of barbecue.

Issue 4

  • Description: Wore Bill out walking too far.
  • Area of Improvement: Planning
  • Root Cause: Unduly elaborate itinerary.
  • Mitigation: Traveling-salesman algorithm; taxicabs (implemented).

Issue 5

  • Description: Appeared drab and uninteresting by comparison with other attendees.
  • Area of Improvement: Work Error (1959-present)
  • Root Cause: Couldn’t keep up with Bill’s knowledge of Chicago goings-on and economy/tax issues or Tatyana’s tales of camping trips on river islands in Siberia and eye for architectural/design details.
  • Mitigation: Surround self with boring friends, or just get a lot more people to show up next time so I can revert to lurk mode.

Best Practices (I did do some things right)

* yep, swiped it from Stephen Green, who I’m pretty sure swiped it from this

2 thoughts on “Post-Implementation Audit Review”

  1. Sorry I missed you guys. I was at the bar at the Allegro a bit after 4pm and had a beer, then I went to look for you in the lobby. I should have gotten a text # and sent a description of myself or worn a viking hat or something.

    I asked a few people if they were there for the Chicago boyz meetup and they all looked at me like I was trying to pick them up for a gay bar or something, not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Next time I WILL find you!

  2. My input:
    1. A non-issue. I’m a passenger, not a driver – and in this case I was happily occupying hotels’ excellent mohair-upholstered seating in the lobby; wouldn’t mind to continue the occupation for another 11 min.
    2. An issue I have mitigated right there, by making a) an inquiry with the porter b) 2 phone calls
    3. Carl: next time ask for MY cell number instead
    4. But we were already walking at half speed as it was! Sorry, Bill.
    5. Oh, now I see why that stranger in the blues club grabbed all your attention: you started to implement the “mitigation” part.

    You posted the Blommer Factory shot before me!And yours is better than mine…oh well.

    Next time y’all have to come to NY instead. It’s mid-way from everywhere!

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