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  1. Sometimes the kindest, best, most useful six words one man can say to another, whether brother, father, friend or whatever are: “She’s crazy, get rid of her.”

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  2. I’ve noticed that both men and women will get into this “I can saver her(him) from themselves!” complex. No you can’t. They have to seek professional help on their own.
    Some cute bi-polars won’t stay on their meds even then. Often the best thing a person can do for them is to dump them. Women who have been sexually abused as children can break your heart, but if they won’t seek therapy, run away.

    I’ve played both sides of that game.

  3. Jonathan,
    Does it say more about Chicagoboyz or our readers that we offer this advice every few years? (My contribution was from the intermittently wise (and intermittentlky irritating) Kristofferson: “Never go to bed with someone crazier than yourself.”

  4. More than detesting the act of having sex in the road I can’t stand people who’re addicted to verbal striptease. Not fair to either innocent bystanders or to people whose shared intimate secrets are getting betrayed by this yakking in the crossroads.
    I don’t know where the story of crazy MIL comes from, or the FIL who dissapeared in a wooden boat packed with TNT, or the rest of it – it’s not in Slater’s essay. Could be the personall info aded by Tom Smith?
    In which case he’s guilty of the same crime.

    In this case

  5. The best advice I ever heard in this vein was, “never sleep with anyone you wouldn’t trust with your checkbook/wallet.”

    Of course, that advice severely limits your opportunities, which come to think of it, was probably the point.

  6. “Never go to bed with someone crazier than yourself”…given that it’s probably very rare for two people to be of exactly the same level of craziness, this principle, if universally followed, would suggest that no one should ever go to be with anybody, since one of the two will inevitably be the crazier…

    More seriously, people don’t usually have a good sense of how crazy they are: humans are much better at seeing the flaws of others than at detecting their own.

  7. Jay, my personal involvement with Uzbekistan is limited to 14 months, precisely from the age 1y to 2y2m. Other than one miopic camel who mistook silk flowers on my dress for the real ones don’t recall anybody crazy there, male or female.

  8. “Go into any English or comp lit or psychology class at any of America’s elite universities and throw a stick and you will hit a half dozen of these young ladies.”

    Generally speaking, the young men of this latest generation are to be pitied with respect to the prospective female partners available to them.

  9. That’s so right:D I told a friend of mine of a girl I liked very much but had to admit that she was crazy. So his sapient words were: If she wasn’t, she woudn’t be a woman:)

  10. I have a daughter taking English 101 and American History at a state university. If you threw a stick and hit an instructor, you would be assured of hitting a crazy person. Furthermore, boys would have very little to worry about with those instructors. The Humanities just make me very sad these days.

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