5 thoughts on “Random Pic”

  1. The future has a new face, indeed.
    Thinking about all this – what if it all was insisted on – that movies, TV, advertising had to keep to strict racial limits in the on-camera faces, according to the breakdown reported in the census of America’s actual reported population? So – proportion of citizens of color in advertising, movies, etc – 13% or so. In movies – proportion of gays/LGTB-Whatever – about 2%, give or take.
    Wouldn’t that be … interesting, in the absolute pursuit of “diversity”? For certain values of interesting, of course.
    Yeah, Hollywood and the media would s**t a brick the size of the Trump Tower, if that were insisted upon in the name of all hallowed “diversity.”

  2. Mom,
    There is no upper limit on wokeness virtue, only a minimum amount of 50% affirmative quota’s/set asides for middle and upper income/powewr positions.


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