“New” Workout Systems

This video is insane.

That woman was doing those presses of her body weight and it is very demanding. It takes complete physical fitness of almost all parts of the body to accomplish fifteen of those reps.  Arms, back, legs.

She does Crossfit, an interesting workout system.

As an aside, I think it is very cool that she is working out in the great outdoors.  Probably California.

I have been doing Muay Thai for coming up on two years now and enjoy it immensely.  But that isn’t all I do.  I also run, bike, and am now starting to dive into some Crossfit type training.  Our gym, primarily a martial arts place, is also beginning to incorporate cross training into what the professional fighters are doing.  The gym is even offering a separate class for this type of training, hoping to take a bite out of some of the health club business.

I guess I don’t know the proper verbage for it, but I am thinking that varying your training is the way of the future.  There are many different systems that do this.  They combine cardio, strength, and all the rest.

I suppose this stuff was around while I was in high school, but it wasn’t marketed nor done on a large basis AFAIK.  I would bet almost all of the elite athletes are doing some sort of cross training now.

This is pretty exciting stuff for a workout nut like me, keeping things interesting and tough.

3 thoughts on ““New” Workout Systems”

  1. Those squats seem a little bit too deep for the health of the athletes’ knees. Pretty strong girls.

    That does look like a serious “gym”.

  2. Tyouth – Crossfit is indeed serious stuff. Not sure about the form though, as far as the knees go. I cringed a bit when she was shaking. I am wondering if I could even do 15 with just a barbell, with no extra weight. I think I will try at the gym tomorrow.

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