“the fight isn’t over getting the boot off people’s neck but who gets to wear the boot”

Simple Justice on the persecution of the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop.

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Hunting Guy
June 19, 2021 at 10:24 am
At what point will the trans, gay, lesbian, etc. groups realize these types of activities are counterproductive?
They are turning off the middle ground by acting like bullies.
Most people are willing to live and let live, but when you keep poking people there will eventually be some pushback.
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June 19, 2021 at 12:04 pm
They don’t get that at all. Neither does BLM. I’ve seen several prominent people on the left express the thought that effective protest has to piss people off.
It’s incomprehensible to them that making people angry turn them away from your cause, not toward it. The point is to persuade, otherwise you’re just throwing a fit. Scardina in this case hasn’t persuaded anybody of anything except that he/she is an asshole.
The civil rights protests lead by MLK going on 60 years ago are still the most effective movement of my lifetime. King understood the moral high ground and how important it is to have it. Protestors these days are just complaining – they’ve got no real interest in affecting change. So Scardina forces the baker to quit his business – what in the world has she accomplished for trans rights?

These commenters, like many blue-pill conservatives, miss the point.

For the authoritarian Left, this isn’t about persuasion. It’s about intimidation and dominance.

They want to dominate you. They want you scared into submission. They want your values, your classical-liberal, live and let live, traditional American views, your lack of interest in partisan politics, your beliefs in individual achievement and an open playing field, to define a hostile work environment. They want you silenced on pain of unemployability, of exclusion from middle-class society, of your bank accounts restricted, of your children intimidated into cooperation by leftist dominated institutions, of your wife afraid of banishment from her social group.

What to do? Richard Hanania is worth reading. The Left has spent fifty years taking over the universities, law schools, govt bureaucracies, courts, prosecutors’ offices, K-12 schools, publishing, communications, entertainment, big business, perhaps the military. It will be very difficult to reverse the institutional and cultural damage.

However, the first steps to solving a problem are to define it accurately and get an idea of its scope. Hanania’s comments are a start.

Interesting times ahead.

9 thoughts on ““the fight isn’t over getting the boot off people’s neck but who gets to wear the boot””

  1. The lefty activists have no vision or plan, it is just destruction of what is or has been. They don’t seek agreement, they want destruction followed by unicorn magic to make it all turn into perfection. This perfection will have to include invalidating logic and facts. The first thing they have to overturn is the law of non contradiction. Consider CRT as anti-racism and group identity as fully definitional and unity resulting. Once the collapse happens, the future is going to be dark and ultimately authoritarian.


  2. Here’s what Stalin’s master propagandist, Willi Munzenberg, told Arthur Koestler, back when Koestler was still a Communist:

    “Don’t argue with them, Make them stink in the nose of the world. Make people curse and abominate them. Make them shudder with horror. That, Arturo, is propaganda!”

  3. “The lefty activists have no vision or plan”
    Of course they have a plan. It’s they win, we lose. Time for us to wake up…

  4. I don’t agree that the Left has no vision or plan. I think it has a vision of political, social and cultural dominance, and has been following a plan to achieve that dominance by infiltrating and taking over our society’s institutions.

    It’s the people who oppose the Left who lack a vision and a plan. Mostly, they want to be left alone. That’s an inadequate strategy, as the Left’s progress towards societal domination makes clear.

  5. Important to distinguish between two different meanings of Vision / Plan…

    1) Vision & plan for how to take power

    2) Vision & plan for what to do with power once it is taken

  6. The Left is relatively sophisticated about making and executing plans to take power, relatively unsophisticated about its vision and plans for what to do with power once they have it. With the Right it’s the other way around.

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