Last week, I considered where we are to go, from here – what with an acting president down to his last mental quarter-marble, a VP afflicted with a notable lack of any professional skills save for those employed by ambitious tarts willing to bed their way up the career ladder, a corrupted FBI, and a national press corps remarkable for boot-licking sycophancy. This week, I consider defiance as a reaction; measured defiance, ridicule, strategic protest, declining to do business with companies who have gone offensively ‘woke’, declining to watch television shows or movies which have ostentatiously done the same or even just a sullen reluctance to join the baying throng.

We’re Americans – unruly, disobedient, irreverent – so ridicule ought to be the first resort. “The devil…the prowde spirite…cannot endure to be mocked.” So sayeth the Irish poet and lyricist Thomas Moore; being Irish he likely had a fair turn of phrase when it came to mockery. Mock, parody, ridicule, meme in whatever medium comes to hand, even if it is only leaving notes on gas pumps, or telling jokes ridiculing our inept and hypersensitive ruling class around the water cooler or coffee machine in the break room. The usual social media sites may censor and block as they wish, but that will be an uphill fight when ten or twenty new jokes, memes and materiel take their place. Our current ruling class is vicious, corrupt and power-mad. Take every opportunity that one can take to slide in the shiv of ridicule, especially if you can do safely.

Strategic protest – at this point, given the corruption of law enforcement in DC and the continued holding of January 6th protesters as political prisoners in solitary confinement while Antifa/BLM rioters go free over and over again, a mass protest in Washington probably is not advisable for those of us with a living to earn and families and businesses to tend and care for. But we can raise a stink on local matters, and given a red or reddish state, at state level. Parents indignant at having the schools abuse their children through Critical Race Theory have taken the lead and given us an example of this and forced a number of state legislatures to take action on CRT, or CRT clones. Nothing quite angers parents to much as the realization that public school teachers are emotionally abusing children, and in worse cases, lying about it, and retaliating against parents who have the neck to object to the abuse.

As for the media – the propaganda organs who wear the skin suit of a formerly respected news-reporting organization, and the ones who spew the same propaganda in the guise of movie, cable sports, and television series – we don’t have to watch them. Seriously, there are all kinds of other amusements out there. Until they can go all 1984 on us and force the TV screen to be on at all times – they cannot command our eyeballs or our dollars.

We cut the cable sometime in 2013, invested in a couple of roku boxes and some paid subscriptions, and have never looked back. We’ve enjoyed watching series from Australia, Canada, Turkey, France and Korea. Likely we will move on to whatever conservative-friendly streaming network emerges when Netflix collapses from overwhelming wokery, in turn.

Other suggestions for defying our corrupt and incompetent ruling class are suggested here, in an essay by Mark Levin, and in this comment at NeoNeocon, which concludes with these words:  “There’s no magic bullet, and all of that is on top of actually getting engaged with the political system. It’s a lot of work. But the choice is basically between rising to the challenge or surrendering and condemning the world to the unthinkable.”

Add your own suggestions for defiance, in comments.

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  1. I don’t have any prescriptions for renewal of the culture, but this seems like a good time to recall Mencken again: Liberals have many tails, and chase them all.

    Cousin Eddie

  2. Here is one simple suggestion — a form of sand in the gears which will be annoying to the Powers That Be: Henceforth, we shall use “Red” to mean what it always meant — Communist, Socialist, Democrat. And we shall use “Blue” to mean what it means in the military — our team, the good guys.

    It was the enemy Leftist media who started the perversion by using “Red” as the color for Republicans on their maps. Maybe they were just telling us that the Republicrats are now safely under their control? Or maybe they were just mocking everyone with any historical knowledge? Whatever, lots of fellow travelers in the nominally “Conservative” media went along with the perversion.

    Let’s get back to normality — the Scarlet Banner, the USSR’s Red Army, Communist Red China — and today, Red is the color of the enemy Institutional Democrats. Let’s have no more kow-towing to the Far Left media, and letting them make us say Down when we mean Up. A small step for us, a giant leap back to normality for our society.

  3. I’m backing various folks, including some reasonable sane folks on the left, on SubStack.

  4. I read, or build 1:6 scale vehicles out of wood, or just footle around. Any of which is more enjoyable than TV.

  5. “Take every opportunity that one can take to slide in the shiv of ridicule, especially if you can do safely.”
    If folks like carpedonktum can ridicule Them mercilessly without fear of being “safe” then the rest of us can join in as well. We must always remember that They are idiots. Stone cold idiots. They can’t win, because their goals are stupid and unattainable, and they are morons.

  6. }}} Here is one simple suggestion — a form of sand in the gears which will be annoying to the Powers That Be: Henceforth, we shall use “Red” to mean what it always meant — Communist, Socialist, Democrat. And we shall use “Blue” to mean what it means in the military — our team, the good guys.

    Interestingly, Dave Leip’s Election Atlas never switched.

    The switch dated to the 2000 election, back in those long-gone halcyon days when being “socialist” — being “red” — was A Very Bad Thing, so, of course, the merdia was There To Help With That.

    Dave Leip’s Atlas predated that change, being one of the longer-enduring sites on the web… and, whatever his motivation, refused to change. And so the Dems remain red, the GOP stays blue, all as it should be…

  7. All it take is some of your time and need/should not be at the national level. There have been rebellions ongoing at University boards of trustees and Alumni associations. At my alma mater some disgruntled alumni petitioned for changes in some rules regard elections to the board of the alumni association. On the email sent to all alumni the existing board listed the petitions and recommended we vote no on all of them. In then end the petitions won by 57% for. But what was interesting was how small the voting was. Only a about 5000 total votes. Most of the lefts gains are from apathy or disinterest by the bulk of the population. After all we have real lives to pursue. So get out the vote extends to all organizations as well. Take a little time and support the insurgents.

  8. Critical race theory and its synonyms is one huge l, unsound psychiatric experiment upon your children, and lacks your and their consent.

    It’s what the Nuremberg principles reviled.

    It will likely result in mental illnesses an alienation of your children from your family.

    Pedophiles sodomize your children’s orifices and cause permanent psychiatric scarring. Critical race theory proponents sodomize your children’s minds.

    Treat proponents of critical race theory as sodomizing pedophiles and you will do your family and America a great good.

  9. The membership of the Church of Woke have a primal fear of being irrelevant. Ridicule stimulates that fear.

    My personal script-flip stems from how the CoW has … despite their self-promotion as Smart People/Nice People … become everything they decry: closed-minded, self-righteous bigots who operate on blind faith in the gods in their mirrors being omniscient and infallible. And their zeal to jam their socio-economic morality down our throats makes Puritans and Baptists look like pole dancers.

    Hence, I now refer to the CoW as fundamentalists.

    Alinsky Rule Five … it swings both ways!

  10. Let’s just cut to the chase. We need to get off the internet and start forming well regulated militias on the township level. Advocacy of Marxism, and any of its clones, should be seen as enemy action and treated accordingly.

    The left as already made this jump with Antifa, BLM and the gangs they are importing from El Salvador and Mexico. They are fighting, burning down cities, destroying people. And we should continue creating memes for each other? This sounds like the advice of the controlled opposition.

  11. As to mockery, one of the worst things to do to a person, is to laugh at the way they laugh. Think Hillary’s cackles, or Comma-la’s nervous giggles.

  12. Good points. None the less I don’t see change or a win for the right for a generation at least.

    Yes, be ungovernable, develop alternative exchange routes for both ideals and goods, meanwhile find a safe corner for you and yours and hunker down.

  13. Perhaps a wordsmith with a sense of the language…..
    The “troubled” descendants of a founder population selected for a future in the “New World” because they were hostile, non-productive, and uncooperative have allied themselves with the domestic faction who are hostile, non-productive, and uncooperative. Perhaps those descendants of that original population should look around and ask themselves if that new faction will provide them with anything different since they are “White”, just like the masters of old? Or maybe the “troubled” just don’t have any concept of a future beyond that which can be carried away immediately. Hard to warn those without a future of the danger of others without a future beyond that of a heroic poster on a basement wall. “It will be different for ME.” “Some day.”

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