5 thoughts on “Here’s Something Different and Fun”

  1. It’s singularly ironic that the Left, who has been going on and on for DECADES about the evils of HUAC (and incorrectly blamed McCarthy) in banning artists and writers for their association at some point of their lives with communism, are now essentially doing the exact same thing to others over their failures to live up to their modern ideas of “how people should behave”.

    At some point in the future, there’s going to be an entire historical section on their abysmal hypocrisy.

  2. OBH…I think those leftists/liberals who were seriously concerned about free speech back in those days have now left that movement and become conservatives/libertarians/etc. There was another subset who really cared about free speech only as long as *they* were the ones being protected, like the comment about taking the trolley to the stop you want, and then getting off.

  3. Or believing in open elections until you win – do communists or fascists ever willingly give up power? I’m afraid we are seeing a democracy do so in front of our eyes.

  4. It’s a great idea to use performances, or any of the arts for this, as those are exactly the audiences that need to think hard about this.

    It also puts cancelled people together, useful for networks and support.

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