ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series: 36 – With Bonus Covid Observation

Uh oh, we all know what that is…

I took a walk with the “pups” through one of our fields today as I so often do. Mind you, the “pups” are 130 pounds each. We just have always called them that. Anyways on this walk that I have taken the pups on probably a hundred times or so before I chose today to be the day to find an unseen hole in the field. Said hole proved to be quite the hazard as I naturally shoved my foot in it and the result of that was an audible “pop”. That wasn’t good enough, however so I decided to stumble ahead approximately three strides and then firmly plant the other leg into the ground, creating quite the bit of road rash. While on the ground assessing my not so good situation, the pups came over and licked me profusely, which was a much better result than them running away. After I got my poop in group, I limped back to the homestead, observed my ankle swelling up to approximately the size of a baseball, and made the decision to head over to the ER.

We have heard many stories in the media about the crowded hosptials as of late with the resurgence of covid. I observed no such thing. I was admitted quickly, saw several doctors and received an x ray. The whole shebang cost me around two and a half hours, which is pretty standard for an emergency room visit. The X ray shows no breakage, which is a relief. It’s a sprain on the pretty severe side. The ER was amazingly quiet this day at UW Madison. I even managed a short nap in my holding cell room while I was waiting for radiology to get me the results of the x ray.

So the media in Madison at least can’t really yell and scream too much about the bodies piled up in the corridors due to covid.

For those interested, they promote “active recovery” with the ankle sprain. The doctor told me that they used to tell people with back problems to stay motionless as possible, but that the data show that you are supposed to do as much activity as you can as long as there is no pain and that this is the best way to heal. So I can sort of shuffle around pretty well (the ace bandage helps) but might have to wear a flip flop to work tomorrow. They estimate a two to four week recovery. Which stinks, but I’m glad there isn’t a break as I have a lot more running to do this year before the cold weather sets in.

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  1. I was in an ER here in South Austin last summer. The place was very quiet. There was no urgency in the air. No buzz. Nothing, except another quiet day in the ER.

  2. Nah! The Covid cases go straight to the morgue. :)

    Take care during the recuperation, Dan. Don’t try too hard!

  3. We went through the emergency room at Baptist – Stone Oak late in May, in search of the pediatric clinic where Wee Jamie was to get a screening, and the place was near to empty. If the Commie Crud is an epidemic, it’s one of the lamest ones ever.

  4. @Jonathan – yes I was pleased at the loss of only 2.5 hours.

    @everyone else, thanks for the well wishes – still pretty swollen today, but I can get around gingerly without crutches. I’m guessing a two to four week recovery on this one.

  5. Dogs probably thought – to the extent they think at all about anything non edible – “Dude, Best Walk Ev-ah”!

    ER congestion or lack thereof is rather variable. Weather, bar closing hours, time of day. I remember something of an uptick when it was getting towards the end of the month and assorted prescriptions were running low….


  6. Glad to hear it’s not too bad.

    Oh, love the sooper dooper effective plastic barrier between the two chairs, by the way. Very science lol.

  7. The wife of someone I work closely with has just tested “positive” for the commie crud. The irony is that she has just returned to working in person a couple of days a week while her husband and I have been working in person with about 20 others through the whole thing. A few of us have been tested for one reason or another but no one has come up positive. She was only tested because a coworker might have exposed her. So far, no real symptoms.

    I have some Ivermectin ampules for the cat that I didn’t think to offer him.

  8. Similar experience in Denver after a fall. Was taken immediately into ER, got a CT scan, and they sent me on my way all within two hours. The ER was probably at 25% capacity. Right off though a nurse quizzed me on my vaccination status, asking me which vendor’s shot I got.

    I had to go to several other doc’s for follow up and from my experience in the ER, flashing my Moderna vaccination card to the lower-level intake folks seemed to grease the skids. The doc’s, though, saw in my medical record that I was vaccinated so they had no interest in seeing the card.

  9. Well, Jobama has decreed that everyone has to get vaccinated so I guess the commie crud will be gone quickly. Teachers’ union tells Jobama what to do. They might be the only friends he has left.

  10. Mike K: “Jobama has decreed that everyone has to get vaccinated”

    If the Institutional Republicans were not such worthless tossers, they could have fun with this. If we need to present our “vaccination” certificates to be allowed to work & pay taxes, then surely we need to present our “vaccination” certificates — in person — to be allowed to cast a vote.

    Since almost no-one in the fetid contaminated DC Swamp is worth a tinker’s damn, perhaps some of the Governors will enthusiastically enforce this logical correlative of Resident Biden*’s decree.

  11. well there’s the macarena (mu) strain on the way, then there’s the omicron persei 8, there are a few who resist, this gang of pirates

  12. The thing that yikes me about all this… NONE of the “vaccines” currently in use are actually FDA-approved. They’re all “experimental”, whatever the hell that means in this context.

    How do you square that circle? Mandatory participation in a mass experiment? Tuskegee, anyone? Didn’t we try people at Nuremberg for this exact same sort of thing?

    We’re heading down a path with this that I do not like the looks of, at all. My guess is that there will be long-term side effects from this stuff, and then they’re just going to go “Sorry! Our bad…”. I very much want to see the actual proof that any of the people calling for this crap have taken the vaccine, because I have my doubts about that little detail. Couple the elite’s concerns with overpopulation, the desire for the “Great Reset”, and all the other bullshit they’ve been talking for the last generation, I don’t trust any of this one damn bit. Paul Ehrlich is probably having all sorts of excitement in his underwear, thinking about the long-term implications of COVID and the “vaccines” they’re making us take for it.

    What do you want to bet that we don’t see some rather massive increases in cancers and other things over the medium-term, causes for which they’ll be denying having any connection whatsoever with mRNA vaccine technology.

    I note that the FDA has yet to actually approve anything that is in actual use. The “experiment” waivers are still necessary, to get any of the “vaccines”.

  13. Kirk: “My guess is that there will be long-term side effects from this stuff, and then they’re just going to go “Sorry! Our bad…”. “

    We all know what the Swamp Creatures are going to do when the long-term side effects become undeniable — “Impeach Trump! Orange Man Bad! He did this! He ignored our objections!” And the New York Slimes will report these assertions with gusto.

  14. I went to Urgent Care to get my sore throat tested. It was mostly empty. I asked my friend Kevin, who was my physician, how Elliot’s ICU was doing. He tells me it’s full. Every hospital ICU he is hearing about is full. NH is one of the safest states in the country and its ICUs are full.

    Beware motivated reasoning. Don’t strawman your arguments, steelman them.

  15. ICUs are always full. All positive PCR tests go to the Covid ICU. The hospitals are paid to do this. When I was in a hospital after having a lobe of my lung out last summer I was talking to the nurses. I mentioned that I had heard that each Covid case was an added $19,000 to the hospital reimbursement. They assured me that it was much more. Around $40,000 they said. This is regardless of symptoms or status.

    Interesting discussion.

  16. So every hospital Intensive Care Unit is full — at least in New Hampshire. Who are the patients in those ICUs, and why are they there? We know during the Lock Downs that major medical damage was done because patients with non-Covid problems could not get prompt attention. How many of the patients in New Hampshire’s ICUs are there because of collateral damage from the Covid Lock Downs?

  17. Every ICU is full, and yet something between 25 and 50 percent of nurses and other support staff are still unvaccinated, and the powers that be are threatening to fire them in the coming weeks.
    Curiouser and curiouser…

  18. The foto looks like a suburban ER.

    In the “city” where my Wife & I worked (neither in patient care), the ER was always full of people who used it like a Primary Care office, because they didn’t bother to have a regular physician. In an “emergency” we generally headed to one of the suburban hospitals and got excellent care.

    The “city” facilities were the “Mother Houses” where the military docs got combat experience and where the specialists got experience with exotic diseases and “conditions”. Out in the “‘Burbs”, they got to do modern medicine with “responsive” patients. Different world.

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