Done With Disney

I posted a couple of weeks ago on this blog how distressed I was at the turn that the management of Disney’s corporation had gone of late and having made a personal decision to delete Disney from my range of entertainment interests. Now it seems that Disney management is going full woke and full steam ahead … which, OK, is the choice of corporations to make in their sphere. If management of Disney wants to go all-gay all the time, in catering to a bare 2-3% of the public, it’s their company, their choice. Maybe not a good one, but theirs to make.
Now, what isn’t OK is for a corporation to come out full-throated political in the case of Florida’s law limiting what can be construed as sex ed to the elementary school set; this aimed at kids barely aware that there are differences between boys and girls. Believe me, parents and grandparents feel very strongly that such lessons are wildly inappropriate – to the point of being construed as sexual grooming. Normal parents (and grandparents) will not put up with lesson materiel which is almost guaranteed to damage children, especially as a fair number of elementary school teachers seem prone to overshare regarding their own sexual conduct.

Families and kids were formerly the Disney audience and favored consumers. For decades, the entertainment parks, the movies, the whole ball-o-wax that is the Disney brand was scrupulously wholesome, family-oriented, a version of a small-town American main street all sanitized to a fair-the-well, safe, clean, and G-rated. The parks were supposed to be fun, magical places, safe places; maybe expensive, but worth it for the fun of seeing your kid talk to Chip the chipmunk, or Princess Aurora, have a blast riding through Mr. Toad’s wild ride, or watching an almost-full-scale paddle wheel steamboat circulate through the lagoon. As I had posted before, I grew up, visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California – as a very great occasional treat, through school, Scouts or with the grandparents. I took my daughter there, when she was a toddler, and she in turn had – I emphasize the past tense here – expressed an ambition to take Wee Jamie to Disneyworld when he was a little older and she had made enough of a bundle in real estate to afford a week or so.

At this point, this week – I’m done with Disney. Completely. Regretfully, but there it is. No more Disney-themed merchandise (not that we ever bought much to start with) or going to see, stream or buy DVDs of Disney movies. No visits to D-Land, or D-World. Just done with them. They certainly won’t miss me, I suspect, and they might be able to carry on, depending on what they have banked, and the patronage of people who don’t really care that the Disney corporate leadership are in favor of grooming prepubescent children sexually. There may be a lot of other parents and grandparents like me out there – and perhaps a boycott might have an adverse effect on Disney. I’m sorry for those conservatives who work there. But the Disney organization today is not what it once was, when Walt Disney was the man in charge. It is now something malign, harmful, even – look at the train-wreck lives of the most recent Disney juvenile actresses and actors. There is something nasty in their woodshed, and I want no part of it for my grandson or any other children that I care about. Discuss as you wish.

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  1. No – I take after my Granny Jessie, who just quietly walked away from places who gave her less-than adequate service. Now my other Gran, did indulge in recreational Karenism, when provoked.
    If there is ever a Disney movie after this that I really want to watch, I’ll buy the DVD second-hand. At Half Price Books, Thrift Town or Amazon.

  2. I shall join you, in your boycott if Disney. It has become something that toxic does not even begin to cover.

  3. At the very least, Scott – perhaps their corporate echelons may learn that the largest part of their client base emphatically does not approve of graphic sex education in public schools until the students are slightly before the onset of puberty.
    It may be an expensive lesson/school, but as the saying goes, fools will learn in no other.

  4. What seems to me to be going on is a massive recruitment drive to create more homosexuals. In ancient Greece, where women were as sequestered as in modern Islamic countries, homosexual behavior became something of a fashion. Men who were warriors took younger men and boys to be apprentice warriors and many had homosexual relationships, at least for a while. From what I have read, many of these relationships changed as the younger man got older and married.

    Prisons are an other society where women are not available and homosexual behavior is common. Not because it is preferred behavior but because it substitutes for what is unavailable and it also conveys power to the aggressor.

    It’s a bit odd that leftists and especially feminists would support this trend. The trans movement seems to be more a mental health issue.

  5. For about $140 a person can buy a share of Disney stock.

    There is a trend about “socially conscious investing” addressing concerns of stakeholders not just stock-holders. But holding a share would make one both.

    There is of course a market in framed art with an old fashioned stock “certificate”. Still one valid share, plus the value (if any) of having ownership of an artifact. Carry it with you during video interviews with local media… Better than a hand written protest sign

    The money saved on a couple of new release movies and a Disney + streaming subscription would get a vote in their processes.

  6. Even if you were either ignorant of, or inclined to ignore Disney’s activism in Florida, after all, a lot of us don’t live in Florida, they have decided that this is going to be the basis of their future content. By the time they have managed to tick all the rainbow boxes with their characters, there won’t be any parts left for anything approaching a straight character. And if that’s not enough to limit their audience, I expect them to double down on the preaching just for good measure. Sure, I’ll pay plenty to be informed what a sorry excuse for w human they think I am. Over and over again.

  7. Hmm… Orlando, Florida is well within the red-tailed hawk’s year-round range, and red-tails are mousebanes extraordinaire.

  8. Pouncer,

    Is it voting or non-voting stock. And that right there is the important part.

    If you can buy voting stock, cool, do so. Be fully aware that the amount that you or even Jeff Bezos can buy isn’t going to be enough to affect any change in the governing board or in any decisions being made.

    Remember the idiot nuns who bought a decent amount of voting stock of one of the gun companies (I think it was Ruger) and tried to affect a change in the company? Because they didn’t have a controlling interest of stock, all the board of directors did was listen to them and tell them “No” every time the nuns wanted to stop production or make the guns ‘safer’ or other leftist twaddle.

    For a good read on voting vs non-voting stock, and controlling interests and such, I highly recommend “Citizen of the Galaxy” by Robert Heinlein. A good yarn about slavery, free merchants, corporations, governments, corporations in control of governments and, yes, stocks.

  9. When I see these attacks on children I am always reminded of an observation made by one of the Milbloggers ( Maybe Roggio or Yon) as to why the Anbar Rising just appeared out of nowhere. The observation was that the Iraqi people will endure pretty much anything, but if you start hurting their kids they will stop at nothing to protect them. AQI started killing their kids, the rest his history. Wokeists would do well to heed the lesson AQI did not.

  10. Well I never had a warm fuzzy feeling about Disney. They struck me as kind of creepy growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and then in the 1980’s and 1990’s I got to know quite a number of people who worked in the animation division in LA. A terrible place to work, toxic reputation, but people stuck it as long as they could before leaving as it was a great place to learn the profession. But Disney management was beyond vile even back then. A Soviet workcamp.

    Disney stock is 65% institutional owners. They are the people who should be gone after. Go woke, go broke matters to them. Because thats all they care about. The long term stock price.

  11. “Socially Conscious Investing”

    If any one side of a social dispute organizes corporate pressure, while the other simply and silently walks away, the squeaky wheels win.

    Now, the issue of institutional investors is real. Sadly there is no managed fund I have found that focuses on deprecated industries — electrical utility companies that operate nuclear plants; fracking technology companies, conservative book publishers … It seems to me that at the margins if slightly more stupid money chases socially “approved” companies and slightly drives up demand and prices for their stock, then that leaves slightly less money to invest, and drive prices, in politically incorrect companies. So a Fidelity or Vanguard mutual fund choosing well run but “evil” corporations for a portfolio would seem likely to outperform the general market.

    Of Heinlein, one quote goes “Of Course the game is rigged. Bet anyway. You can’t win if you don’t play.”

  12. Construed as? Construed as?? Nope. Reality. Reality as denied nuance between the lines, perhaps, regarding homosexual grooming. But, as the link David Foster provided 31Mar 4:59 p.m. points out, fairly explicit reality regarding critical theory of which queer theory is only one of many threads.

    David’s link provides a start point for thinking about the convictions driving critical theory. In quintessence, critical theory aims not only to convince that there exist no absolutes. It eventually insists in a sequence from that conclusion. First, it means man is the ultimate measure. This leads to the insistence that in order to avoid chaos, one must submit not to autonomous individuals (who are the suckers that figured they were following a path to freedom), but the collective. That leads to exaltation of the state as final arbiter of good and evil, and, in particular, to those being defined by political power. That this process leads to control by a few and that to control by fewer until only one rules is not merely the deduction of logic, of dystopian novels ranging from those of Huxley, Orwell and Lewis (That Hideous Strength, more incisive than either Brave New World or 1984), but those later-year novels of Heinlein (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress remains one of my favorites, along with Steinbeck’s The Moon is Down). Not just the deduction of those sources, but the actual record of history. Yes, critical theory = applied Marxism, itself a distillation of Hegel’s moral theory.

    “Don’t say gay” has it wrong. The Florida bill really is better understood as “No forcing us to revere queer.”

    Done with Disney? Yep.

  13. I wonder just how much an unofficial boycott would impact Disney. It is clear that over the past few decades the Disney theme park experience has become out of reach of middle class families. The last time I visited WDW (last year) what stood out too me was the prevalence of two demographics: upper middle class families and “non families”. in my case my brother and I had a reunion at WDW, so there were no kids in tow.

    It its also my personal experience that these two demographics lean heavily to the left, which is why I doubt many will pick up their ball and go home because of Disney’s pro Grooming stance.

    I have been increasingly at odds with Disney’s stances, and it has affected the frequency with which I visit the parks, which at one time was a nearly annual pilgrimage for my family. Needless to say, I won’t be visiting again this year; but I doubt Disney will care.

  14. Oh, the Disney company probably is sitting on enough resources to not feel a pinch for a good long while. Rather like the sale of luxury sky boxes at sports stadiums, as someone on another comment thread pointed out. So much income from the sky boxes that they could get along for three or four years with empty seats in the stands.
    But Disney has been the family brand for so many decades, suddenly families of all incomes deciding that Disney’s values are inimical to theirs, and walking away … it’s got to hurt, after a time.

  15. desantis is toying with challenging disney’s intellectual property, right in the left floppy ear

  16. How much longer until we learn for sure who is right and who is wrong?

    Either the government can spend one hundred trillion dollars or it can’t.

    Either an unaccountable government bureaucracy (in the EU or DC) can micromanage all of life, of it can’t.

    Either a society of 40%, 50% LGBTQP+ can thrive, or it can’t.

    Either children can be damaged intellectually, psychologically, by LGBTQP+ instruction, or they can’t.

    The only question here is whether the new LGBTQP+ civilization which is devouring the last remnants of the West and of Christianity is viable or not.

    I’m sure two thousand years ago, people wondered if the world could survive without Jupiter (not the planet). They were wrong.

    I wonder if the Emperor Honorius watching the Visigoths coming over the seventh hill truly realized that the Roman Empire was about to fall. This is just another page in history, isn’t it? Will this be the end of *our* civilization? Turn the page.

  17. The USA failed to crush socialism in the 1920s Red Scare, failed in the 1950s McCarthyism, and our current plight is the outcome of those failures.

    IMHO, either we do to Disney, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft,… what Henry VIII did to monasteries, or age gracefully as ineffectual boycotting dissidents*, or surrender.

    * My interactions with Disney, Facebook, and many other corrupted, woke corporations has been minimal. Total affect: zero.

  18. The truth that dare not speak is that once you subtract the LGB from the rainbow. you are left with a tiny group of a fraction of a fraction of a percent, almost all of which exhibit some sort of mental pathology. What this is, is an attempt by this tiny group and their enablers to recruit/groom every child that shows some sort of momentary confusion/curiosity to bulk up the numbers. The bigger truth that dare not speak is that the whole rainbow is something like 2-3%.

    The bigger question is why this is suddenly such a seemingly powerful movement. I think the loudest advocates are actually trying to separate children from their parents with the intention of indoctrinating them with their “truth”. The idea that children need to be liberated from the oppression of their parents and brought up the “right” way is the dream of every totalitarian ideology. “If only the people can be taught from birth to think only proper thoughts, all the strife and waste of contention and free will will cease and we will attain perfection.” “1984” as an instruction manual.

    The relatively good news is that every previous attempt to do this has failed miserably on the macro scale, parents just will not give up their children without a fight. The bad news is that it has caused enormous damage on the individual scale as most of those with experience with the survivors of Eastern European orphanages can attest.

  19. I’m one of the few persons on Earth that can say I never went to any of their resorts, but I remember the Sunday night series on ABC and films like those that started kurt russell’s career, seems like a 100 years ago,

  20. MCS: “once you subtract the LGB from the rainbow. you are left with a tiny group of a fraction of a fraction of a percent

    The Left thinks that if any two people believe in something no matter how nutty, that something must be held up as “an equally viable alternative lifestyle” and thus worthy of being injected into the mainstream. The Left managed to do this by leveraging Normal Americans’ senses of compassion and fair play. We gave them an inch and they took the mile. This is how, for example, the 1 to 3 percent of the population that is actually homosexual achieved such prominence.

    What our society needs to re-embrace is the notion that there are indeed fringe beliefs, and this beliefs need to stay on the fringes, not in the mainstream.

  21. I’m not interested in reading about threats from the gop to do this-or-that. I want to read about what the non-leftist opposition party actually does that will harm the left and its endless insane schemes to do evil. In this example we see the Florida gop yammering on about revoking a special status this corporation never should have had. Great, great. But the time to talk about this is once it has been done, not before.

    I say this because rather too often I’ve seen the party hold a hearing or make a headline and act as if they’ve done something real. They have not. Mark Steyn wrote about this a few years ago, and described the GOP as the party of why nothing can be done.

    If you threaten the left, you can be absolutely certain they’ll come after you, legally or not. But conservatives and laws favored by conservatives can pretty much be ignored with impunity. Hence the pedophiles of Disney rest easy, having learned through long experience nothing will be done to stop them.

    Threats that make headlines aren’t action, they’re marketing. This is how the Gee Ohhh Peeee convinces the rubes that the party is something real and is representing the interests of its voters. But it doesn’t.

    The problem here is the sheer and utter worthlessness of the GOP and the people controlling it. The simply will not allow any action that they think might cause the price of a stock to drop. I bet even now there are lobbyists in Florida spreading cash around, with the intent of both getting the law Disney doesn’t like repealed and also ensuring that Disney doesn’t lose their special self-governing status, either.

    If the GOP was a real political party and not a sham front for Wall Street moneymen, it would have already come out demanding the prosecution of the leadership of Disney and the complete obliteration of the corporation, root and branch.

    But nope. Read the headline, rubes. Don’t notice that the national GOP has had nothing to say about this controversy at all, and never will.

  22. I say this because rather too often I’ve seen the party hold a hearing or make a headline and act as if they’ve done something real. They have not. Mark Steyn wrote about this a few years ago, and described the GOP as the party of why nothing can be done.

    All true. What are you going to do about it?

    The parties are a duopoly. The Republicans have learned to do quite well by being somewhat less-bad than the Democrats.

    I think Republican voters understand the nature of the problem but don’t know what to do about it. Once in a great while they might get an opportunity to vote for a Trump who promises to bust up the game. But, most of the time, the best course of action for conservative voters isn’t obvious. Voting for the less-bad candidate is usually the right thing to do but it doesn’t stop the ratcheting movement leftward.

    Mark Steyn is a clever analyst. He may be correct on this topic. Yet what does he offer, other than despair and witty put-downs?

    It’s a difficult problem.

  23. What are you going to do about it?

    No disagreement with the comment, but I’ll seize upon this question as an excuse to ramble.

    As my power and influence over the GOP is quite limited, I’ve done essentially nothing about it except complain. But I don’t even owe the gop a vote, let alone an attempt to save the party from itself.

    The backstory to all this is the effective collapse of the Democrat party. That bunch transitioned from being the overwhelmingly dominant coalition founded by FDR into a shambling mess of criminals, traitors, pedophiles, and liars. The gop had to get worse and worse, so it could continue to fulfill its designated function of losing to the democrats.

    This is not a stable situation. My guess is that eventually the GOP will find competent leadership that notices that the democrats have gone politically insane. My further guess as to how this might manifest is surprise leadership challenges in Congress, after the upcoming midterms, replacing the establishment nullities with Trump-friendly conservatives. But of course I can’t predict the future.

    Back on topic, and about leadership, I will note the present governor of Florida. I’ll hazard a guess that if he was not governor, the Florida gop would have done and said nothing about the grooming of young children by pedophiles and Disney would not have had reason to come out and endorse such grooming.

    This sort of thing is why I’ve written previously here that the present American political establishment cannot survive a genuine opposition party. A genuine opposition party would take note that the demonrats had gone all-in on policies bitterly unpopular with the public and use that to destroy them.

    DeSantis seems to understand this- hence the law which has inspired the Disney corporation to attempt suicide- and this is why at the last CPAC event the poll was Trump, DeSantis, and every other name rounding to approximately zero. The base is fed up with the usual gop idiocy and won’t vote for it anymore.

    But meanwhile, the national gop has Mitch McConnell praising Chuck Schumer and promising not to have an agenda for the 2022 midterm elections.

    That won’t last, one way or another.

  24. yes we 30,000 votes from a down low tweaker, taking over the state, an obama 2.0, that would have plunged the state into misery, living in the Free State of Florida, Rick Scott for all his faults, is the only politician that has really given any degree of constituent service on a matter, Marco Rubio is generally useless,

  25. This is how, for example, the 1 to 3 percent of the population that is actually homosexual achieved such prominence.

    A lot of this is just visibility. Gays are drawn to some occupations, like interior decorator or actors. They tend to concentrate in cities, often those on the coasts where a lot of TV programming is done. Disneyland attracted a lot of them. My DIL’s brother is gay and has worked as a “cast member” at Disneyland. San Francisco attracted a lot of them and Silicon Valley recruits artistic types, hence their role in tech companies that use art.

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