4 thoughts on “No Joke”

  1. We buy those Costco chickens when they have been stripped of meat and packaged as cooked chicken. Our spoiled basset hound gets that chicken, mixed with ground beef, as his main diet. He also like “Cheerios” cereal in milk. That Costco chicken was $13 a package two years ago. Now it is close to $19 a package. Nicholas may be getting more “Cheerios.”

  2. I’m still amazed at how cheap it is to sustain yourself. A whole chicken at the store is anywhere between $5 and $10, you can serve with rice or veggies if you need low carb, then you can make soup out of the carcass with another couple bucks worth of vegetables. That is a lot of cheap, healthy meals if you are up against it.

  3. A couple of other good stretchable Costco items are their canned chicken breast in broth, about $2.75 / lb, and their shelf stable vegetable curry and Madras Lentil packages. Add a can of chicken or 2, and serve over rice as dinner for 4 people.
    Their steaks are very good, and surprisingly cheap for their quality, as are some of their smoked sausages.
    John in Indy

  4. We were in Costco last weekend, and the rotisserie chickens looked enormous. A rotisserie chicken from them is good for three meals for us, and then the bones and scraps make another nice brew-up of chicken broth.

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