Goon Squad

Then there was the sound of glass shattering. A window was broken by more opponents outside. As the situation escalated, Tancredo left. Those who went to hear him speak were clearly upset. “”Obviously there wasn’t a point,” one attendee said. “He wasn’t going to be allowed to speak.”

“Protesters” shut down a speech by former Congressman Tom Tancredo at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. (More coverage here.)

I am reminded of something that Laurie Zoloth, a campus Jewish leader, said after observing political thuggery at San Francisco State University:

This is the Weimar republic with Brownshirts it cannot control.

There is a definite Fascist tinge to much of the activity and belief structure of today’s “progressive” movement. Political violence and intimidation are being increasingly normalized in academia, and will inevitably spread to other parts of our society.

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6 thoughts on “Goon Squad”

  1. I don’t agree with much of what former Rep. Tancredo has to say about immigration, but his treatment is uncalled for. Every student protester should have been arrested for disturbing the peace with that disgusting use of public, loud profanity and inciting a riot.

    That the campus police are “investigating” is a hogwash, given that the moment the protesters crossed the line, they should have been forced to leave and then booked if they protested further so Tancredo and the students could have their speech and meeting they are legally entitled to.

    For a bunch of liberals allegedly still furious at Bush for violating the Constitution, they certainly have little respect (let alone understanding) for the First Amendment and even less for what used to be common laws of decency and respect.

    I really, really want to attend UNC-Chapel Hill for my masters program given its pedigree, but these types of activities (which are certainly not the first and won’t be the last) make me think twice.

  2. “with Brownshirts it cannot control”

    More like “with Brownshirts it doesn’t want to control.”

  3. I wish I had the talent to create an artistic piece, for installation in every major university campus, that in nice LED fashion outlines how totalitarians violate free speech. Then as the thugs shut down yet another speaker while claiming to be the real liberals, off to the side will be a visual reminder of who the real thugs are.

  4. For over 40 years this has been the norm at universities. It wasn’t stopped in the sixties, the seventies, the eighties… nothing will be done now.

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