So a month and a bit after the Oct. 7th pogrom in Israel, the streets of American and European cities, and university/college campuses are filled with rage, and a disgusting display of Jew-hate. It’s as if none of them ever read Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” or had the slightest clue about what happens when the survivors of a genocide have the chance to pay back the perpetrators of mass murder – the wholesale murder of kin, friends, and coreligionists – with appropriate coin. But mostly … rage. By coincidence, the hand-scribbled ravings of the Covenant School transsexual murderer were leaked to a media outlet – it looks like some local police officers are believed to have been the conduit for the leakage. Because what comes clear about the girl who wanted to be a boy was the pure, white-hot insane and murderous rage, which somehow became focused for whatever reason on the kids, kids who were of a privileged enough background that their parents could send them to a religious-sponsored private school. I wonder if the rage grew out of frustration. The kids had something that Audrey Hale felt that she lacked – a secure sense of self in the world, comfort within their own skin, innocence and trust, parental approval – whatever. They had all that or some other quality – and she didn’t and it wasn’t fair – and so she was consumed with rage, a rage which could only be assuaged by lashing out.

Sometime around the start of Gulf War 1, I read Bernard Lewis’ article in The Atlantic MagazineThe Roots of Muslim Rage – and I was so struck by his insight and explanation that I really made a pest of myself, showing the article to a number of my fellow NCOs and airmen – “See! That’s why they hate us! They really, really hate us! And this is WHY!” (Well, not all Muslims, actually – but a fair number of those who were lashing out back then, even before 9-11.) Here you had a body of people who had been promised everything by their Prophet – wealth, domination, all the goodies that this mortal life has to offer as well as unending orgies in the heavenly knocking-shop – and yet, they looked around at the rest of the world and saw that they lived in poverty-ridden, unsanitary, dysfunctional dumps, while the supposedly unworthy infidels had riches, health, power, scantily-clad women … well, you’d be pissed. Consumed with rage, and envy, and the conviction that it just wasn’t fair!

So what comes out when I look at what I can bear to look at in the videos of the October 7th Palestinian pogrom and read in the various news reports is the motivation of sheer rage. All-consuming, envious rage, never to be assuaged by all the progressive sympathy in the world, all the donations by the UN for the poor, suffering Palestinians over eighty years (as if they were the only folk in the world who lost a war that they initiated and perpetuated). They squatted in an enviable bit of Mediterranean shoreline that could have been a tourist and garden mecca and marinated in rage. A rage made even more white-hot at how Jews made a prosperous, tidy, advanced little nation out of a desert. The Hamasniks looked over the border into Israel at the pretty homes and prosperous farms and businesses … and went insane with unreasoning rage at what they didn’t have … everything that they wanted and deserved. All the goodies that those cheating, unbelieving Jews had, and it just wasn’t fair.

And so, they went mad with rage. And there we are. Comment as you wish.

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  1. Shirer’s The Collapse of the Third Republic is worth reading too. Some problems were unique to France, and some we share.

    A factor in the rage is probably their history: Explosion of Islam across the MidEast and Africa, famous and powerful empires and grand culture (never mind the pesky details about its sources), empires extending to India, growth into south Asia as well–that has to be evidence of Allah’s blessing. And then things start to fall apart, and finally collapse with no more Caliphate and the infidels with all the power, and it has to be somebody’s fault.

    If it’s their fault because of inadequate devotion to Islam; well, they can be more picky about the rules, try harder to get rid of temptations and innovations, and of course there’s jihad.
    If it is somebody else’s fault, there’s jihad.

  2. I wonder how many there actually are in these campus protests. They are skilled in getting the media to take photographs and interview them, but that may give a false impression.

    Small coordinated rageful groups can be plenty dangerous, of course. Occasionally they even overturn a government.

  3. “They squatted in an enviable bit of Mediterranean shoreline that could have been a tourist and garden mecca and marinated in rage.”

    lol Are you a Boomer?

  4. At some point in the early 1990s I happened to see a C-SPAN call in show featuring the Israeli ambassador to the US. I don’t even recall the ambassador’s name or any of the questions, but I do recall how taken aback he was by how many of the calls were sympathetic to the Palestinians.

    I was too. I suppose it would have been at least possible for the Palestinians to turn that sympathy both in the US and elsewhere- including Israel- into enough pressure to generate an agreement with them which would have by now brought them their own state. Perhaps that would have led them to peace and prosperity.

    But instead they started the first Intifada and all my sympathy went away. It hasn’t returned in the decades since. If the foreign policy for your potential nation-state involves the kidnapping, murder, and rape of the citizens of your neighbor country then you shouldn’t be too surprised when they react accordingly and turn your slums into a pile of uninhabitable debris.

    To be honest I really don’t care what motivates the endless violence the adherents of the Religion of Peace(tm) deploy against non-Muslims and Muslims they don’t like.

    I just want it to stop- or be stopped.

    Infidels have rage too- and they need to be taught that.

  5. Recall that Tlaib, the Pali congresscritter from Michigan, told us that “river to the sea” meant “coexistence.” A recent poll from informs us what those living in Gaza and the West Bank mean by “river to the sea.” Townhall: New Poll Shreds Liberal Narratives About the Palestinians and Hamas.

    Table 33: Do you support the solution of establishing one state or two states in the following formats: (Note: West Bank + Gaza results are also given separately. The following are aggregated.)
    One-State Solution for Two Peoples 5.4%
    Two-State Solution for Two Peoples 17.2%
    A Palestinian state from the river to the sea 74.7%

    This give unambiguous evidence that the “river to the sea” chant means a Palestine free of Jews- at least as those Arabs living in Palestine interpret it. Note that the “one-state solution for two peoples,” where Jews and Arabs live together, got only 5.4% support.

    Also from the Townhall article :

    This is the first poll I’ve seen of Palestinians (Gaza & WB) since 10/7. 75% support the 10/7 massacre. 76% have a positive view of Hamas. 98.2% have a negative view of America Interestingly, 64% have a negative view of Iran.

    Seems to me that the massacre, rape, and kidnapping that Hamas did on October 7 were entirely consonant with the Pali desire to have a Judenfrei Palestine (74.7%)
    Tlaib’s claim of “coexistence” is merely a smokescreen to fool the infidels.

    Tlaib’s claim

  6. Great comment AVI

    The 2000s have really come back; unintegrated minorities, “Fake but Accurate.” The difference this time is that the unintegrated Muslims are here and we have a big part of the American population who feel the American Experiment is illegitimate.

    Looking at all the idiotic university students and recent graduates who cannot reason their way out of a paper bag, I wonder what’s next as far as these protests. Take the Muslim rage, self-righteous/outraged and easily manipulated Millennials, and an upcoming election and what you get? Audrey Hale on steroids? I mean that’s the logical next step right? If you think (because you cannot reason your way out of a paper bag) that your government (which you see as white supremacist) is supporting genocide and colonial oppression, don’t you have an obligation to try and stop it in any way possible? Where’s the off-ramp to this logic?

    Juxtapose what’s developing with the recent video released of 1/6 showing protesters, who I bet ended up in solitary confinement and prison sentences, fist bumping cops. Who do you think FBI and DHS will be focused on during the next 12 months?

    I’m a little more (just a little) optimistic this week. The big pro-Israel demo in DC drew hundreds of thousands of people mid-week which was just an amazing show of support and organization. Also I saw in Phoenix along I-10 billboards displaying pictures titled “Kidnapped by Hamas”; I don’t think anyone is tearing those down. What great shows of defiance.

    I think the next step is what David Bernstein tweeted about regarding an incident at Arizona State (https://twitter.com/ProfDBernstein/status/1724921253872447535) A mob gathered outside of a building where a Jewish group was meeting and the campus police escorted the Jewish group outside through the back door. Bernstein’s point is a good one, demand the police protect you and if they won’t start making calls but never back down.

  7. I suppose it would have been at least possible for the Palestinians to turn that sympathy both in the US and elsewhere- including Israel- into enough pressure to generate an agreement with them which would have by now brought them their own state. Perhaps that would have led them to peace and prosperity.

    That was all set to occur in 2000. Bill Clinton wanted a Nobel Peace Prize. The Israeli PM was weak. I can’t find the Dennis Ross column anymore about the arrangements. There were billions poised to invest in the West Bank. And Arafat walked away.

  8. The warm bodies at these demonstrations don’t matter and never will. Assuming they have the same impact as all the other commie promoted movements to date, in ten years, they’ll be on their eighth job, agitating for a rise in the minimum wage so they can afford a real fake diamond nose ring. (Spoiler: they never do.) If they hit the jackpot this time, they’ll be compost.

    A more vindictive or less lazy (your choice) person than me would expend actual effort establishing a fashion for face tattoos of the holly martyred billionaire saint Arafat in especially laser resistant ink to prove commitment to the cause. They should choose a picture before he was gaunted down by AIDS. A case of liking boys too much and condoms not enough. The hamas billionaires leading the war from Qatar will be too newly dead and are too fat for an effective symbol anyway.

  9. Playing games with the protester counts – didn’t the Kent State protest organizers place the protest so all the students going back to the dorms for lunch would be in the middle of it all, at least for a time.

  10. They squatted in an enviable bit of Mediterranean shoreline that could have been a tourist and garden mecca and marinated in rage.

    Describes the Mediterranean littoral were ruled by Islam, not solely Gaza.


  11. “envy, hatred and malice, and all uncharitableness”

    As the Book of Common Prayer used to say (probably moans about Whiteness and Equity now).

  12. Driven by Rage…..an apt description of not just the Palistinians, but the majority of “socially-aligned groups” which, for a variety of reasons, “suffer” from the gap between desires and achievables. I put “suffer” in quotes because the “suffering” is, first, not real – no “suffering” occurs, using the standard defintions of suffering, and second, whatever gaps may exist between desires and achievables are almost entirely self-inflicted – low mental capacity, poor education, extremely cumbersome social, political and religious environment, inadequate skills, it’s a long and well known list, and applicable all over the planet, from Appalachia to Palestine, to Southeast Asia and South and Central America.

    And, most importantly, the inability to take a couple steps back to view the larger picture and examine it rationally. “….enviable bit of Mediterranean shoreline that could have been a tourist and garden mecca…” could have been the solution, or a very large part of it, for Palistinians; buckle down, learn what needs to be learned, practice doing what most people want done, learn from experience and practice it, and that “enviable bit of Mediterranean shoreline” could have allowed the Palistinians to out-Israel Israel.

    “Money talks, bullshit walks” is a very old saying but no less true for its age. Hotels, restaurants, schools, businesses, entertainment, manufacturing, all supporting a steadily increasing living standard, attracting people, money and economic trade is what could have been achievable, verified by Israel doing that very thing right next door.

    It may be time for us to take a few steps back and view the big picture rationally regarding Islam and the world in which it exists and operates. So far, the west has regarded Islam as “it’s their religion, and we support religious freedom” but as an operating construct – no different from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism or Worshipping the Great Pumpkin – it imposes a life structure upon its adherents, and it’s a traditional hallmark of religion that such imposition should be constructive, not destructive.

    Such does not appear to be the case with Islamicism. Which does not mean it must remain so, but experience casts doubt against the prospect of constructive change. Sisyphus never succeeded in his task, but others facing similar challenges have succeeded, so, sometimes, the seemingly impossible can be achieved.

    It may be time to take a few steps back and examine rationally what we want life on our planet to be; two and a half centuries ago Benjamin Franklin stated in Poor Richard’s Almanac “Change is the only constant in life. Ones ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” I suspect change – some incremental, some radical – may offer some small degree of salvation for humanity.

    Options exist, and are easily conjured; pursuit of them, however, is not so gracefully achieved. Does the wolf learn, adapt to the partnership of domestic life and achieve the benefit of plentiful daily food, warm hearth and pleasant attention, or remain a threat to be hunted and destroyed?

  13. I’d say, just from a casual glance at the newspaper websites that Audrey Hale wasn’t the only tranny motivated by incandescent rage – the trans activists going all out with death threats against J.K. Rowling look pretty poisonous with rage, also.
    Aaaaand it’s not just our college campuses marinating in rage … the urban youth element in our finer inner cities seem to be melting into puddles of radioactive lava-rage as well, what with lashing out violently at trivial mishaps … and stabbing or beating white students to death, as has happened at least in two instances reported lately in the news.

  14. The ragers are at it again:

    I wish they had consulted with me on the glue. They’d have had to get doctors out there to amputate, that would have made a really strong statement. Hard to ignore a bunch of idiots with no hands.

    The Arab/Israeli conflict as it used to be called may have reached its terminal phase. This is where the eventual victor finally realizes that the war will end when each and every enemy is either dead or physically restrained from continuing to fight. Strategy doesn’t matter, killing the enemy army is all that does, Ask General Grant.

  15. I wish they had consulted with me on the glue. They’d have had to get doctors out there to amputate, that would have made a really strong statement. Hard to ignore a bunch of idiots with no hands.

    Strategy doesn’t matter, killing the enemy army is all that does, Ask General Grant.
    Of assistance to General Grant was the steady leak of desertions from General Lee’s army, prompted by news from home of General Sherman’s path of destruction that was met with minimal resistance.

  16. MCS, I saw that article. My guess, based on what I have seen with trans protests, is that this is being stood up by an external organizer with the connivance of like-minded teachers.

    This is going to get out of control very quickly and it’s time to give these kids the whiff of the academic grape. It won’t happen here because it’s NY but some politician or DA in a red area should reference this and announce:

    The kids who participate in something like this will be suspended for the remainder of the school year and the ringleaders who are students will be expelled

    The student ringleaders will prosecuted in juvenile court

    Any adult involved in planning or agitating will be prosecuted with both terrorist and hate crime enhancements. Just for kicks they will be kept in solitary confinement, no bail, while awaiting their trials

    If they (thugs) want to keep it up, there are plenty of jail cells

    Also (this is something Trump should announce right now) there will explorations about using RICO. or its state-level equivalent. After all if the Biden Administration can use it to go after po0litical opponents, we can do it to go after people who organize interstate groups to terrorize school teacher exercising their 1st Amendment Rights.

    Obnoxious, self-entitled teenagers who want to LARP as rioters should learn what FAFO means. NY you’re on the clock

  17. One other thing….

    I looked around the web but I did not see any teachers do “I am Spartacus” moment in the declaring their support for Israel sim, showing solidarity with the teacher in question and during this thugs to come after them too

    So boring any dramatic crackdown the thugs have already won. This went viral and everyone knows the score: the thugs know they can get away with silencing people through intimidation and every teacher is going to think twice about expressing something publicly

  18. Notice the false equivalence in this passage:
    “Under the agreement, the militant group is expected to free at least 50 Israeli women and children in four groups over a four-day pause in fighting in exchange for Israel releasing 150 Palestinians — mostly women and children — from Israeli prisons.”

    from this article:

    No mention that while the Israeli hostages were kidnapped at gun point, the Palestinian “women and children” were apprehended in various terrorist attacks and those children are actually teenagers. The youngest Israeli is, I believe, three years old.

  19. Trump on Truthsocial:
    “Has anybody noticed that Hamas has returned people from other Countries but, so far, has not returned one American Hostage? There is only one reason for that, NO RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY OR OUR LEADERSHIP. This is a very sad and dark period of America!”

    While I doubt Hamas has any respect for Biden and company, it is much simpler. The American hostages will be released last, if at all, in the expectation that we will pressure Israel into ending their eradication program. This is the invariable result of giving in to extortion.

  20. well we’ve paid (checks notes) 45 billion to Hamas, just in the last two years, and some 75 billion to the Authority, Israel has no peace partner they can rely on,

  21. Ravid comes from Haaretz, the most self loathing Jewish paper except Maariv, whose reporter Ben Caspit, had a scoop that has gone unremarked, that the Massacre was scheduled for Pesach,

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