Two Items…and Two Questions

1) A Palestinian man has been sentenced to death by hanging for the “crime” of selling land to Jews.

Will the people who endlessly denounce Israel for its supposed interference with “Palestinian rights” have anything to say about the rights of this Palestinian man?

I think you know the answer.

2) Palestinian military forces are now being trained–at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to American taxpayers–by United States personnel.

Why on earth should we assist the development of a military which shields a regime under which atrocities such as the one above are a matter of policy?

Note also: The Obama administration is requesting changes to U.S. law which would permit aid to continue flowing to the Palestinian Authority even if officials backed by Hamas become part of a unified Palestinian government. (Since Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization, aid would not be permitted under U.S. law as it stands.)

2 thoughts on “Two Items…and Two Questions”

  1. You are asking for moral coherence and consistency where none exists.

    The well being and national interests of the US are not a major concern of either the public moralists you address with the first question, or the political elements you refer to in the second.

    The US and Israel are always suspect, at the very least, if not flagrantly wrong in any confrontation with a designated victim group such as the Palestinians.

    Of course, just about everyone except the US and Israel is included in some victim group, so I guess that is a strange form of consistency, however perverse.

  2. I think it will certainly create a huge contradiction in foreign policy.
    And I think it will probably send the wrong message to Israel, basically that they need a different and more reliable strategic partner in the region, perhaps China, they do have a real problem with Islamic terrorism.

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