2 thoughts on “De Plane! De Plane!”

  1. Mom, that post deserves a comment. Sorry I waited so long. Family and I used to watch Fantasy Island. Many of the stories were fun fantasy, and not too screwball. For many years a totally non-based dream of mine had been to own one of those seaplanes, so similar to the Catalina flying boat I’d wanted from elementary school. That never worked out….too much else of importance as the years unfolded. However, the series’ waterfall did inspire an event when my wife and I visited Kauai, Hawaii, where one can see the actual waterfall. I climbed down the cliff to the base of the fall and swam in its pool.

  2. There have been a lot of weddings at that cottage. I’ve visited the Arboretum quite a few times over the years and often saw them as I was walking by. The Arboretum is a very large botanical garden with plants from all over the world, and from many climates. That is hard to do in a place where a drought year means only a couple of inches of rain.

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