6 thoughts on “Lisa Hannigan: I Don’t Know”

  1. Yeah, the intro sounds similar. It’s not as good a song, though. Plus, as I only half-facetiously say, life is too short to listen to a male vocalist. (Exceptions made for Tommy Duncan, Merle Haggard, Lou Reed, Frank Sinatra, Joey Ramone, and a few others … )

  2. Very pretty song. I hope I’m not jinxing her, but she has a TON of the ancient Amy Winehouse feel.

    Purely Subjective: I’ll just note that I disagree with your preference for chick singers. Great ones are a nickel a bushel, standout ones are rare.

  3. Hey, thanks for the link!

    I totally love female singer-songwriters. When I was younger, I would try and listen to bands that guys around me liked (well, I have a brother and one of his friends went to Berklee – I was trying to impress), and then I finally decided, ‘hey, why don’t I listen to what I like?’

    There is so much good creative energy out there. Like all those small mom and pop stores I love, or the creative energy of the business class. I see the same spirits there, especially in the beginning, which is why I kinda dig the whole small gov vibe.

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