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  • How About Gun Control for Terrorist-Sympathizing Anti-Semitic National Leaders?

    Posted by David Foster on January 15th, 2013 (All posts by )

    Well, it took a few days, but the news about Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi’s anti-Semitic rant (from late 2010..he referred to Israeli Jews as “bloodsuckers” and “descendents of apes and pigs”) has finally been picked up by traditional media outlets. (A video of the speech, with English subtitles, can be found here.)

    We already knew about Morsi’s demands that the U.S. release Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, who is currently serving a life sentence for his role in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Morsi is considered to be “one of the world’s leading theologians of terrorism.”

    We already knew about Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood connections, about his centralization of power, about his affinity for Sharia law. We already knew about the increasing oppression of Christians in Egypt.

    So why is the U.S. proceeding with plans to give Egypt 20 F-16 fighters and 200 Abrams tanks?

    Hey President Obama–you want to talk about guns?

    The F-16 carries an M61A1 Vulcan gun, which fires 20mm projectiles at the rate of 6000 rounds per minute, in addition to various ground-attack and air-to-air missiles.

    The Abrams tank carries a 120mm smoothbore gun with a muzzle velocity of more than a mile per second…even with an earlier generation of ammunition it could penetrate 22 inches of armor at more than a mile, and this performance has since been improved. The Abrams also carries three machine guns and a sophisticated ballistic computer system.

    So, Mr Obama…do you think Mohamed Morsi can pass the background check to qualify for the ownership of such weapons?



    16 Responses to “How About Gun Control for Terrorist-Sympathizing Anti-Semitic National Leaders?”

    1. Anonymous Says:


      It may be time for a New Jewish DEFENSE League. Morsi is another Hitler in the making. OBAMA JUST GAVE HIM FREE F16 JETS AND LIBERALS THINK ALL IS WELL WITH THE JEWISH WORLD. Israel is surrounded by enemies with nuclear ambitions, a holocaust is in the making. Wake up Jews before it will be too late once again. Rabbi DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

    2. ROSENBERG Says:

      It may be time for a New Jewish DEFENSE League. Morsi is another Hitler in the making. OBAMA JUST GAVE HIM FREE F16 JETS AND LIBERALS THINK ALL IS WELL WITH THE JEWISH WORLD. Israel is surrounded by enemies with nuclear ambitions, a holocaust is in the making. Wake up Jews before it will be too late once again. Rabbi DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

    3. David Foster Says:

      See this article on the delays on reporting the apes-and-pigs story in the traditional media. The story was reported by The Jerusalem Post on January 4, but as of the time the linked Forbes article on the bad coverage was posted…last Friday, January 11…”not a single major outlet has covered it. Not AP or Reuters. Not CBS News or CNN. Not Time magazine or U.S. News & World Report. Not the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, or USA Today.”

    4. veryretired Says:

      Haven’t you figured it out yet?

      It’s the fact that he’s an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish lunatic that causes the current regime to support him, and give him advanced weapons.

      Those of us who lived through the utterly insane administration of Carter in the late ’70’s, and his delusional belief that we had “an inordinate fear of communism”, saw this bunch of jokers coming from day one.

      It took an entire decade to recover from the Carter fiasco—it will take two, at least, to recover from this bunch of incompetent ideologues.

    5. Mike K Says:

      I agree with VR. Obama is the most anti-Semetic president we’ve had since Wilson. Imagine if Lindbergh had been elected in 1940.

    6. David Foster Says:

      Mike K…I knew that Woodrow Wilson was anti-black, even by the standards of the day (he imposed segregation in the Civil Service)…is there also evidence that he was anti-Semitic?

    7. Mike K Says:

      Well, not as anti-Semetic as Ford. That’s a low bar.

      Were Woodrow Wilson’s anti-Semitic “scholarly” writings an influence on Adolf Hitler and National Socialism?
      “For purposes of widest comparison in tracing the development of government it would of course be desirable to include in a study of early society not only those Aryan and Semitic races which have played the chief parts in the history of the European world, but also every primitive tribe, whether Hottentot or Iroquois, Finn or Turk, of whose institutions and development we know anything at all. Such a world-wide survey would be necessary to any induction which should claim to trace government in all its forms to a common archetype. But, practically, no such sweeping together of incongruous savage usage and tradition is needed to construct a safe text from which to study the governments that have grown and come to full flower in the political world to which we belong . . . The main stocks of modern European forms of government are Aryan. The institutional history of Semitic or Turanian peoples is hardly part of the history of European governments: it is only analogous to it in many of the earlier stages of development.” – Princeton Professor Woodrow Wilson (from “The State: Elements of Historical and Practical Politics”)

      The evidence is thin, I admit. Wilson was a nasty sort but his anti-Negro actions far exceeded his actions against the Jews. The “Red Scare” had quite a bit of anti-Semitism included.

    8. VSSC Says:

      Obama knows Friend from Foe.

    9. VSSC Says:

      “Power is a shy beast. She flees the sound of her name.” With good reason. Some who have it have apparently forgotten that…

    10. David Foster Says:

      This link suggests that Obama supporters are planning a smear campaign against those who would presume to attack the Hagel nomination.

    11. Jonathan Says:

      But of course they are.

    12. Mike K Says:

      The LA Times has a piece today about how Hagel is “going on the offensive” against his critics. This consists the usual confirmation conversion on his views about Israel and Iran, plus Schumer announcing that Hagel is fine with him.\\Schumer’s endorsement came a day after Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) also backed Hagel. She released a letter he had written in which he explained his views on Israel and Iran in detail. He also wrote that he regretted using the term “Jewish lobby,” a term that many find offensive, in a 2006 interview to refer to U.S. supporters of Israel.

      Well if he’s supported by Boxer, I guess I was wrong. I especially admired her singing voice as she sang “From a distance” during the debate on Gulf War I. She is the perfect example of a mindless lefty from the Bay Area.

      He also pushed back at criticism that Hagel had called for direct negotiations with Hamas, the Palestinian militant group based in the Gaza Strip. Hagel “today believes there should be no negotiations with Hamas, Hezbollah or any other terrorist group until they renounce violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist.”

      Well, OK then.

      What a crock !

    13. David Foster Says:

      Egyptian court sentences family to 15 years in prison for converting from Islam.

    14. grey eagle Says:

      Morsi has promised the weapons will only be used on Jews and Christians. There is no cause for irrational Islamophobia.

    15. Ken inTN Says:

      Not to worry, the Eg’s will drive ’em into the pyramid’s. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

    16. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States and Certifiable Movie Factologist Says:

      }}} So, Mr Obama…do you think Mohamed Morsi can pass the background check to qualify for the ownership of such weapons?

      Not to suggest I disagree with any part of your thesis, but do realize (If it has been expressed correctly) the tanks being SOLD to Egypt are the a1 versions, which are basically late 1980s technology (Yes, Virginia, the Gulf War was over 20 years ago!) The ones the USA is turning out these days are the A2 version and even those are considered dated, with the A3 version coming out before too long.

      }}} the perfect example of a mindless lefty

      What, there’s any other kind of lefty? Isn’t a Lefty with a mind a contradiction of terms?

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