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  • Noble North Korea Celebrates Earth Hour Big Time!

    Posted by Shannon Love on March 31st, 2009 (All posts by )

    Earth Hour was a world-wide event which let conscientious environmentalists symbolically vote for preserving the environment by turning off their lights for an entire hour. No one, however, went to the heroic lengths of North Korea. Just look at this satellite picture comparing the indifferent, environment-wrecking people of South Korea versus the caring, Gaia-nurturing people of North Korea. 

    Wait, it gets even better…

    In writing this post, I found out that North Korea celebrates Earth Hour every hour of every night and has done so for decades! North Korea was the industrialized area of Korea at the end of WWII, but over the last 70 years they have bravely chosen to wean themselves from pollution-vomiting factories, the consumption of fossil fuels and unsustainable machine- and artificial-fertilizer-based agriculture. Of course, it goes without saying that they don’t use genetically engineered frankenfoods.

    Just look at this picture of progressive North Korea surrounded by more-gluttonous societies. 

    I think I speak for all environmentalists when I say that the methods that produced the level of sacrifice, organization and willpower exhibited by the North Koreans are methods that all real environmentalists would like to see extended to all the nations of Earth. 

    Vote Green! If enough people do, we will all end up living the same kind of environment-respecting life as the people of North Korea!


    14 Responses to “Noble North Korea Celebrates Earth Hour Big Time!”

    1. Brett_McS Says:

      Impressive organisation. Can we get them to spell out something with candles?

    2. Jay Says:

      Hah! Brilliant!

    3. Mark in Colorado Says:

      Spot on, Shannon!

    4. mishu Says:

      All it will take is one crime spree during earth hour to stop this nonsense.

    5. Andrew_M_Garland Says:

      In the title, Nobel or Noble?

    6. Shannon Love Says:

      Andrew_M_Garland ,

      I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m looking at the title right now and it clearly says noble.

    7. Carl from Chicago Says:

      That is a good one

    8. Brian Says:

      Ahhh, if only we had their discipline, we too might be on the brink of being able to deliver a nuclear weapon halfway across the Pacific.

    9. John C Says:

      Maybe ole Kim was just lowering the lights for a romantic evening with Sean Penn…

    10. fred lapides Says:

      Meantime, how many folks are starving to death in N. Korea (unless you go into the military)…there are some 80% too many people alive on earth and the numbers increase as resources dwindle and pollution increases…the earth could renew itself with that 80% gone.

    11. Shannon Love Says:

      Fred Lapides,

      there are some 80% too many people alive on earth and the numbers increase as resources dwindle and pollution increases

      That’s Malthusian nonsense refuted by even a casual glance at history. The “earth” has no “natural” carrying capacity for humans. We create more and more resources with technology and support each individual on less and less of the biosphere. It may have escaped your notice that even though America’s population has almost doubled in the last 50 years, the proportion of the wilderness areas in the country has exploded even faster.

      Unless the leftist strangle off all technological advancement, there is a real good chance that the majority of humans in a hundred years won’t even live on earth. Those that do will have only a tiny ecological footprint.

      the earth could renew itself with that 80% gone.

      Leftist nihilistic horse crap. You would rather see 80% of humanity dead or never born than live in technological paradise you don’t control. Pre-industrial peoples where far more destructive to the environment than industrial ones. 80% of the species that have gone extinct since the last ice age disappeared even before the rise of civilization. The less technology you have, the more you have to spread out and the more you have to take directly from the biosphere. The more technology you have the more concentrated you can live and the less you have to take from the biosphere.

      Your lust for power and your desire to control your fellow humans beings by waving guns in their faces will lead you to destroy the very environment you claim to seek to protect.

    12. vivictius Says:

      You first fred.

    13. renminbi Says:

      Don’t you know Fred is pulling your leg?

    14. Shannon Love Says:


      Don’t you know Fred is pulling your leg?

      Are you sure? Fred regurgitates every leftist trope in the book why not this one as well? If so, he would choose April Fools day to use parody to say something sane.

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