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  • New! – Investment Secrets of the Chicagoboyz

    Posted by Jonathan on February 16th, 2010 (All posts by )

    too late

    Lesson 1: Know when to cover your shorts.


    5 Responses to “New! – Investment Secrets of the Chicagoboyz”

    1. Tatyana Says:

      Love for sale*, 50% “the morning after” discount

      *A biscuit to anyone who’ll recognize the quote

    2. Robert Schwartz Says:

      “Love for Sale” by Billie Holiday & Cole Porter

      I don’t think shorts means what what Jonathan thinks it means.

      Pants to that.

    3. Tatyana Says:

      Robert: you’re right, but that’s not the one I meant. Hint: disco!

      Biscuit is yours anyway.

      [and “shorts” mean so many things…]

    4. Robert Schwartz Says:


      I only know the classics. I am proud to maintain my ignorance of disco, hip-hop, rap and the other cultural detritus of the last generation.

    5. Tatyana Says:

      Robert: open your mind!think outside the [conservative] box!embrace the world in its eternal variety! etc etc etc

      On topic: disco is the style perfectly matching the displayed awfully kitchy color combo. Compare: see, they deserve each other.