This Morning On CNBC

Joe Kernan asked John Harwood how many times Harwood had interviewed President Obama — three? four?

I don’t remember Harwood’s exact response but he beamed. He was obviously proud.

Maybe he wasn’t considering how he came across to viewers. Or maybe: a) he doesn’t care, b) he cares phenhome mostly about beating out competing journalists or c) he cares mostly about the opinions of people who share his opinions. I mean, given how Obama’s people treat the media, and especially given how they treat people who disagree with them, what does it say about a journalist that he is invited to interview the President three or four times?

1 thought on “This Morning On CNBC”

  1. It says the same about journalism and journalists that it said in the 1960s, when JFK was surrounded by sycophantic journalists: there is no such thing as journalism, there is only public relations; that journalists have their own interest, which is to associate themselves with the charismatic and faddish.

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