Jim Bennett Article on Cover of National Review

Bennett NR cover

The current issue of National Review features an article by my future co-author Jim Bennett:

For decades, America had been on a course toward a more centralized society. But 1980 — with the arrival of Reagan and the departure of Carter — marked the point at which the nation reversed course. Thenceforth it would be headed in the opposite direction, toward a new vision of individualism and decentralism.

I have read Jim’s piece in draft, and I strongly suggest you read it.

7 thoughts on “Jim Bennett Article on Cover of National Review”

  1. My paper copy hasn’t arrived, but look forward to it. I don’t have a digital subscription, nor do I intend to renew once this one expires. Since WFB passed, NR seems more GOP than conservative. Their treatment of Palin was over the top.

    BTW, Palin’s speech in Iowa was interesting in that there was no teleprompter–she read the speech (I watched parts on CSPAN online). She’s much better off-script or with the prompter.

  2. the people at NR are “white glove” conservatives; totally useless in a fight. andrew mccarthy is the only one there i read.

  3. Gotta say, never a big fan of National Review. Like a lot of older publications, it always seemed trapped in a serious Northeast, Ivy League perspective.

    Still, its good that Jim gets press.

  4. Cjm, that’s a sweeping statement to make about over a wide variety of people who write for both the paper and online versions, and who certainly don’t march in lockstep. I think you have a memory of its paper publication from the WFB years. I never read the magazine, but I check NRO every morning. It’s like the Grand Central Station of conservative activism. It’s extremely Tea Party friendly.

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