New! – Your March Haiku Madness

One pair in four, fits
Buying pants at the Costco
Not a bad outcome
Latest blog software
Works great until it blows up
Hey, it’s open-source
Steering wheel busted
Dealer wants five hundred bucks
eBay is your friend
With fancy cell phone
Like a supercomputer
You still can’t get laid
On teh Internets
Ten percent of commenters
Have psych health issues
New food sensation
It’s microwave falafel!
Um, thanks but I’ll pass


Feel free to add your own contributions in the comments.

10 thoughts on “New! – Your March Haiku Madness”

  1. I am doing a 10 haiku challenge for the month of march myself. I will be writing 10 haiku and posting the best one everyday on the link under my name. Anyone who visits the page can vote for their favorite haiku. The best ones of the month will be printed in an Anthology. All the proceeds will be going to the charity “Room to Read”. It is a fun project. Lets see if I can leave you with a good Haiku:

    I Can’t Seem to Quit
    This Internet Addiction.
    Seven Hours Straight.

    I should really go do something else like laundry or the dishes or play with the dog before she pees on the carpet. Oh well. Keep writing those haiku.

  2. The Smurf repeated,
    “I’m not a gnome” until it
    was blue in the face.

    Mouse was insulted
    when told it looked like something
    that the cat dragged in.

    The fisherman got
    a real charge out of catching
    an electric eel.

    The vet determined
    that the sneezing kitten was
    allergic to cats.

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