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  1. The burial arrangements are of key importance. My best idea is to feed him to the pigs. I know that the PC weenies in the White House won’t go for that. My second best is to cremate him and dump the ashes in the middle of the ocean. Other ideas are welcome.

  2. How about we douse the body with jet fuel, set it alight, then cast it from a sky scraper in NYC? Let the NY populous handle the rest.

  3. Is it martyrdom if he took cover behind a woman when they took him down? Now it is time to listen intently at what the world’s imams say.

  4. I will be very interested to see how the actual operation went down and who was involved. I hope there is video or at least pictures. Also, I second Lex’s comments.

  5. Robert, no need to fantasize:
    “US media reports said that the body was buried at sea to conform with Islamic practice of a burial within 24 hours and to prevent any grave becoming a shrine.” (BBC article)

    I don’t believe Obama. I don’t believe it was who he says it was. I think it’s O’s maneuver to get re-elected.

  6. First, I hope news are true. Then, well, I ask myself if it’s just one less and how many others are out there in need to get caught.
    Well done, anyway, USA. And thank you.

  7. I’m channelling Mark Twain this morning – or maybe it was Clarence Darrow:
    “•I’ve never killed a man, but I’ve read many an obituary with a great deal of satisfaction.”
    This morning, I am reading the obituary with a great deal of satisfaction.

  8. After a brief rendezvous with a Navy SEAL’s bullet and perfunctorily ceremonial open sea post-mortem waterboarding, …

    … bin Laden finally gets to meet the 72 Virginians he was promised would be waiting for him.


  9. I feel Lex’s sentiment; I love Sgt. Mom’s comment. This is a good thing. Learning more will be good.

    But I was not happy to see the crowd’s partying in Washington, D.C. Nor (and I only turned it and saw the news and Geraldo and turned it off) did I find Geraldo’s triumphalism heartening. I didn’t think we were that kind of people – nor do I think we, generally, are. Personalizing comes from disproportion and sentimentalization.

    Innocence and guilt make for different feelings, of course. We are appalled by the cult of death that celebrates barbaric murder in Israel. That is of innocent children. This was a guilty and even evil adult. But he was a man. And if we take a quiet satisfaction in that death is understandable. That we party all night remains something I’d rather we didn’t do.

    And the partying seems, well, pointless – his life has ended, certainly; what else has?

  10. Ginny: I see your point, but wonder how many people remember the Palestinians dancing in the streets, ululating in joy, on September 11th? I certainly do. I wonder how much of the celebration was for the international TV cameras, and was a “Hey, how do you like it when it’s on the other foot, ***holes?”

    Lowering ourselves to the levels of the Palestinian Death Cult is something to be avoided. Sometimes, though, it’s understandable.

  11. We are not lowering ourselves. This man was a mass murderer and leader of global death cult. He was a sworn enemy of everything decent in the world. He went to war against the USA and its allies. He chose this path. He unleashed his killers. He went into hiding. He was finally caught and killed. He was a vicious, criminal, pitiless enemy and now he is dead. That is worthy of celebration.

  12. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

    This simply strategy still has relevance in the real world as a deterrent. Let everyone make no mistake – try something like what Osama bin Laden organized and the same thing will happen to you. Our vengence has a long arm and a great deal of patience.

    Don’t do the crime unless you can do the time. Suicides of course needn’t consider this but it makes the recruitment for any jihadists that much more difficult.

  13. “I think it’s O’s maneuver to get re-elected.”

    By next winter, the glow will be gone. Heck, if gas prices keep going up, it won’t last to mid-summer.

    If he wanted to get re-elected on this, he would have saved it until the last week in October of next year.

  14. Apparently “OPERATION SPAM THE OBL GLOAT” is underway.

    From a mailing list I am on:

    In the Hassle-O-Sphere, where trolls of every affiliation come from, apparently many Americans are leaving messages that read simply FISH FOOD on any website in any Middle Eastern language.

    I became aware of this because an expat Iranian Star Trek fandom site is asking people to quit doing that ….

  15. Lex,

    Nothing we do, or don’t do, with the bodies of our Muslim enemies will make a difference to the Islamic Rage boys. (See link below)

    The important thing is that we kill them in the first instance.

    The rest is just politics to be managed for maximum political benefit.


    Islamic scholars question bin Laden’s sea burial
    (AP) – 1 hour ago

    CAIRO (AP) — Muslim clerics said Monday that Osama bin Laden’s burial at sea was a violation of Islamic tradition that may further provoke militant calls for revenge attacks against American targets.

    Although there appears to be some room for debate over the burial — as with many issues within the faith — a wide range of Islamic scholars interpreted it as a humiliating disregard for the standard Muslim practice of placing the body in a grave with the head pointed toward the holy city of Mecca.

  16. Historical Analogy:

    Killing of OBL : GWoT :: Killing of Isoroku Yamamoto : WWII

  17. Ginny: “I was not happy to see the crowd’s partying in Washington, D.C. ”

    I agree; it is unseemly, barbarically tribal, for a tribe (if y’all will accept the mainstream US culture as a tribe for the moment) should devoted to rationality. Satisfaction with justice and revenge being served, by all means. Why would we want to emulate the celebration of the worst of the Arab/Iranian street?

  18. America is a tribe. People who want to murder us, or who do murder, earn and deserve the homicidal hatred of the tribe. When the tribe’s enemies are killed it is cause for rejoicing. Long live the tribe.

    Back in 2005 I had an email exchange that included the following. It is about being part of the tribe:

    America’s “crabgrass Jacksonians”
    are not necessarily derived from the borders. My people are not.
    But, the suburban American who is the crabgrass Jacksonian of today
    lives much closer to the basics of reality than do the intellectuals
    and supposedly smart people. They have experience with violent crime.
    They went to disorderly schools, where you had to be careful and
    watch your ass. They face low class behavior at work or on the
    street, going into bad neighborhoods or dealing with abusive customers
    or people with a chip on their shoulder. They know people who have
    been to prison. They have relatives who are cops or prison guards.
    They are much more likely to have served in the military or know
    people who have. These typical Americans know about reality in a way
    that the supposedly smart people do not. They know that there are
    some people in the world who only understand force and threats and
    violent resistance. And they know that there are people in the world
    who are simply violent psychos who can only be restrained by locking
    them up or killing them. 9/11 did not shake their world, it pissed
    them off. They do not have trouble accepting the existence of Osama
    or people like him, and taking him at his word when he says he wants
    to kill us. They believe in original sin, even if they don’t call it
    that. They don’t expect the world to be a nice place full of nice
    people or for nice things to happen. They have common sense, and they
    have worked hard for what they have. They prefer to mind their own
    business and leave people alone, but they are willing to destroy
    anyone who want to take their lives and homes and way of life away
    from them.

    I don’t know if that is sociology, but that is my observation.

    And I’ll add this. That is MY AMERICA, and it is the best fucking
    country that has ever happened, and whoever fucks with it needs to

  19. Can’t argue with your sentiments Lex, but Jackson wouldn’t have gone out to bugaloo, or do a jig, or whatever. It is not serious.

  20. Robert,
    per this blog, it was released because someone twitted/leaked it already. I wouldn’t put it past Obama to fake the whole thing.
    -there is no body
    -there is no pathologist reports, photos, etc
    -there is, however, “honoring” of bin Laden’s religious customs – despite him pulverizing 3000 people with no concern of their rites.

    Altogether, I think Osama b.L has become irrelevant and his death is irrelevant, too. Nice, satisfying stroke that he IS dead, but not terribly important or making any change in the war with islamic terrorism.

    I also suspect that the Left will recall their stupid spiel about “Bush killed the wrong guy” and that death of ObL they will interpret as achieving the objectives of the War and thus – folding operations.

  21. Tyouth: Wrong, dude.

    The upper part of the Exchange was arranged for dancing, and the under-part for supper, with flowers, coloured lamps, and transparencies with inscriptions. Before supper, Jackson desired to look at the arrangements unaccompanied, and I was appointed to conduct him. One of the transparencies between the arcades bore the inscription, ‘Jackson and victory: they are but one.’ The General looked at it, and turned about to me in a hail-fellow sort of way, saying, ‘ Why did you not write “Hickory and victory: they are but one.”‘ After supper we were treated to a most delicious pa* de deux by the conqueror and his spouse. To see these two figures, the General, a long, haggard man, with limbs like a skeleton, and Madame la Generale, a short, fat dumpling, bobbing opposite each other like half-drunken Indians, to the wild melody of ‘Possum up de Gum Tree,’ and endeavouring to make a spring into the air, was very remarkable, and far more edifying a spectacle than any European ballet could possibly have furnished.

    Life of Andrew Jackson. By James Parton. In 3 vols. Vol. II. (New York, Mason Brothers; London, Sampson Low & Co.) (1860)

  22. Plus, he played the banjo.

    He was a hillbilly chieftain.

    They are warriors and minstrels.

    As well as bring traffickers in moonshine and marijuana and maybe even methamphetamine, nowadays.

  23. Dammit Lex beat me to that quote, although I should say it is good to have redundancy built in to the blog as far as Jackson quotes and Motorhead video links are concerned.

  24. Rejoicing at the death of any man, even one as cosmically evil as OBL, should give anyone pause, but, having thought about it, I don’t think that’s what the people who gathered spontaneously (not à la an Arab street rent-a-mob) at the White House and in Times Square were doing. Instead they were celebrating a great victory over Islamism. OBL had become the living embodiment of Islamist hatred of the USA – a hatred that slaughtered over 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11 and changed everyone’s life (e. g. the TSA) for the worse. OBL’s death is a major victory against that hatred for two reasons. First, it now appears OBL has been more active in directing Al Qaeda in recent years that had been previously thought. Second, the Islamists considered him their great leader. Taking down any enemy’s great leader is a significant victory over that enemy. (Also, let’s not forget the alleged treasure trove of information that was gathered at OBL’s posh lair.)

    Furthermore, I don’t think the White House and Times Square celebrations were tribal because the entire civilized world rejoiced (or, at least, felt edified) when it heard of OBL’s death. We Americans can certainly take legitimate pride in the fact that our government and military’s relentless pursuit of OBL for a decade, culminating in a brilliantly planned and executed special opts action, was what finally, and justly, wrote paid to his account. Finally, the people at the White House and in Times Square were not emulating the celebrations of the Arab street (and I don’t think Ginny meant to suggest any sort of equivalence). The Arab street holds truly tribal celebrations for horribly evil events it believes redound to its benefit. The Americans in front of the White House and in Times Square were celebrating a great victory over great evil, and, if the tone of the celebrations was lacking in an appropriate reverence, let’s chalk it up to the youthful callowness of most of the participants.

  25. I feel immense pride in our military and our intelligence community for deducing what was going on and planning what appears to be a nearly perfect operation.

    I am glad we appear to have some people with the guts to follow through with the dirty work.

    I am not joyous at the death of this man.

    Similar to the execution of a serial killer, I feel a sense of grim satisfaction that a necessary evil has been performed, muted by the knowledge that there is more of this to come. This job is not finished.

  26. Dan, I did not know that quote, exactly. I knew that Jackson came from a Scots-Irish hillbilly culture, and that they are very musical, and that Jackson himself played the banjo. So, he must have danced. So, I went to Google books, went to advanced search, and looked for the phrase “Andrew Jackson” and the word “dancing”. It brought up a modern book with part of that quote, but the modern book was in copyright so not full text available. So I copied the phrase and then re-ran the search as full view only. This got me the old books, and I found the passage in the Athenaeum magazine in a book review from 1860.


    I changed it from page image to plain text, cut and pasted it into the comment.

    The whole thing took a fraction of the time it took to type this comment.

    Google Books is an amazing resource.

  27. No gloating from me. OBL was a feral human that needed to be killed for the safety of others. Seal Team 6 took on and accomplished the job (Well Done!). Time to move on to the next most dangerous feral human posing a serious threat to civilization and repeat the task.

  28. I hope they release the helmetcam footage and the photos. I’ve seen as bad or worse on YouTube and LiveLeak these past ten years. Not the least resentment I have at The Jihad is my becoming desensitized to these images. Bring ’em! I don’t doubt that he’s really dead or anything like that. I just want to have the grim satisfaction of seeing it for myself.

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