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  1. Or a DC 2. Still one of the greatest airplanes ever built. Ernest Gann said his life was saved once by being scheduled with a DC 2 instead of the DC 3. The DC 2 could carry ice much better.

  2. Re Michael Kennedy’s comment, I remember him saying that in Fate is the Hunter.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  3. I was a big fan of EK Gann when I was younger. I tend to adopt one author of fiction and read everything he has written. I did this with Gann about 40 years ago. I even paid a bit of homage at his farm on San Juan Island 30 years ago but have never met him. It is too late for thatnow. I have done the same thing with Tom Clancy (His novels only) and WEB Griffin. All are marked, I believe, by authenticity.

    I am now reading Alexander Dumas again, which will probably be a lengthy adventure. I read most of his well known books as a teenager and am enjoying Count of Monte Cristo very much. I love the quality of the translation I am reading on KIndle. Another fiction author I have adopted completely is Mary Renault, including finding a copy of her biography.

    I would actually like to know more about Don Douglas. He was a great sailor and his son Don Jr was, as well. His grandson, Donald III, I guess, is a friend of my son’s. Also a sailor. I once worked for Douglas Aircraft as an engineer. I have also read an excellent book about the DC 3. Does anyone know a good biography of Douglas ? I know that many aeronautical engineers consider the DC 6 the pinnacle of propellor driven aircraft development.

  4. I bought Fate is the Hunter for my Dad based on this.

    Michael: “… an excellent book about the DC 3. …” Which one?

  5. I’ve been on 2 return journeys on one of those in the last month. They’ve got a bunch of style, and are reasonably comfortable (at least the one I was in is).

  6. Ralf, think 1948 (Berlin Airlift) not 1944 (Market Garden).

    As it happens I was thinking about that, But why let facts get in the way of a snarky comment?

  7. The DC 3 book I have is DC 3: A legend in her time. It’s kind of a coffee table book with lots of photos but I enjoyed it. I have another on the building of the P 51.

    I knew a guy who worked on the P 38 at Lockheed (or Loughheed for purists) and would love to find a really good book about the building of that plane. It had lots of early structural problems and I would like to know more. Long ago (over 50 years) I was an aeronautical engineer.

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