15 thoughts on “Jeb Corliss, Grinding The Crack”

  1. there is also a good video of him jumping from a heli over the Matterhorn

    gotta think he’s going faster than 80 or even 100 mph.

    i’d like to do this. anyone know where it can be done?

  2. I’ll bet that it doesn’t stall but that the sink rate increases rapidly the farther away you get from the optimal angle of attack. IOW there is little margin for error if you are close to the ground. I suspect that these guys choose their slopes carefully — too steep and there’s less of a thrill, too shallow and splat.

  3. Is he the same guy doing those videos in the Alps? There was one guy that just flew by a group of onlookers at 120 or so.

    With his carbon fiber helmet he looked like a fly ;-)

  4. I believe the location may be the Dolomites? Anyone know certainly where? . . . . Ah? . . . Might this qualify as a “low impact” sport?

  5. Sev, you can read a bit about wingsuits at wikipedia. My recollection is that many of the pioneers are dead due to flight incidents but it appears that wingsuit flying has now matured to the point of being only midly insane, with manufacturers of suits training and certifying instructors.

    To start: become an expert skydiver (recommendation: 200 jumps in 18 months). If you plan to do BASE wingsuit jumps, become expert in that as well.

  6. From poking around online:

    Wingsuit glide ratio: 2.5 to 1 (2.5 feet forward motion for 1 foot drop)
    Space Shuttle “the flying brick” at subsonic speeds: 4.5 to 1
    Parasail glide ratio: 6-10 to 1
    Hang glider glide ratio: 15-20 to 1

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