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I posted this on Facebook but I may as well post it here to ca$h in on the ChicagoBoyz mind hive.

The few stores I have been to in Madison don’t seem to have nice shirts that are fashionable so I am looking for an online store that has good variety, and good quality. I like shirts with cuffs. These are to be worn with nice slacks and/or jeans for a cool night out (not with a suit and/or tie). Need a decent return policy as well in case they don’t fit. Thoughts?

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  1. While working overseas, I made good use of Lands’ End and J Crew. They each over several lines based on fabric/finish, prices are reasonable, and both have excellent return policies. I’ve still got 15-year-old shirts that are perfectly fine. Both tend toward button-down collars, but have smaller selections of other collar styles as well as French cuffs.

  2. I agree about Land’s End. They started out as a small Marine store in Chicago. They used to be on the river on the near north side. When clothing became their dominant line, they moved to Wisconsin.

  3. Got to agree with Lands’ End. Just bought 3 button down, no-iron shirts. The fit is very good, and they look and feel great. I think they were $40 each with free shipping. Hard to beat. Make sure to get the “fitted” instead of “traditional” since you are in very good shape. That way you don’t swim in the extra material on the sides.

  4. Second Land’s End. Get most of my clothes from Travel Smith – my husband doesn’t like to order on-line because he has trouble getting shirt sleeves the right length, but he has liked their turtle necks, etc. What I like is that I haven’t owned an iron in decades and don’t intend to take things by dry cleaners. The qualities that mean they come out of suitcases fine means they can also come off the closet floor, the bottom of the clothes you forgot in the washer or dryer and still look, well, okay. Same is true of most Land’s End.

  5. Lands end are good. You need to get “trim fit” shirts or they will be like you wearing a parachute since you are so skinny. I even wear the trim ones and I am an obese MF when compared to you.

    Also this place Paul Frederick always has really good initial web sales and they have custom sized shirts which is very cool. I recommend them highly when they have a good sale I bought custom shirts for 29 bucks

  6. Land’s End, although now owned by Sears.

    And if the former fits your idea of fashion, also L.L. Beans

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