Earl Scruggs, R.I.P.

Instapundit linked to Remembering Earl Scruggs. I forwarded it to a friend who is a huge Scruggs fan and she returned the links she’s been listening to today. Thought I’d share: A handsome young Earl Scruggs. The elderly Scruggs picking with the brilliant Bela Fleck on the classic “Salty Dog”. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Earl Scruggs is featured at 1:37. Finally, 7-year old Ricky backed by Scruggs and Flatt.

2 thoughts on “Earl Scruggs, R.I.P.”

  1. Funny you post this, I have been watching Scruggs for the last hour or so. YouTube is a wonderful thing. My wife almost got me a banjo last Christmas as I have mentioned that this is the one instrument that I want to learn how to play before I shuffle off of this mortal coil. I guess I should just get on it.

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