8 thoughts on “Read and Weep”

  1. After a bit of digging it seems this is the result of Blair’s public/private partnership modification of the British medical system. It’s a private group that is using the public system to get rid of a complaining patient.

    Things are rarely as simple as they seem. A bit of a problem for you lot.

  2. Quite possible, PenGun (though your links are conspicuous by their absence)…this doesn’t change the point that an entity which has been effectively delegated government authority (whether or not it is technically part of the government) is using environmentalist hysteria as an excuse for treating this woman in an abusive manner.

  3. I am sure there are some “environmentalists” who look at that and wish they had that power here…

  4. It’s the same “website” provider, different outfits though. They, as are all medical services in Britain, either contracted to or part of the NHS.

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