Rerun Season at Photon Courier

As Jonathan pointed out last month, the blog format tends to focus attention on recent posts; the older ones tend to sort of disappear into the archives.

I’m not sure whether there is a good general solution to this, but for my blog, Photon Courier, I’ve declared August to be rerun month, and will be pulling out and reposting a selection of posts that I think have continuing relevance, some of which were also cross-posted here and some of which appeared only at Photon Courier. I’ll still be posting new content, interspersed with the reruns.

The first rerun batch is up today.

5 thoughts on “Rerun Season at Photon Courier”

  1. Thanks, David. I’m glad you’re doing this and I hope that you will re-cross-post some of your posts here. I’m going to start reposting older Chicagoboyz posts.

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