8 thoughts on “VETERANS DAY 2012”

  1. Great video – and some haunting images of WW1 David.

    I have read several accounts of WW1 being the first was with industrial killing; I say it was our Civil War.

    40 years ago while a student at the University of Virginia, I loved to take weekend trips up Rt 29 to Washington – particularly in the fall.

    I remember passing old trenches from the battle at Fredericksburg – over 100 years later.

  2. I VERY strongly recommend

    What We Lost In The Great War

    Seventy-five years ago this spring a very different America waded into the seminal catastrophe of the twentieth century. World War I did more than kill millions of people; it destroyed the West’s faith in the very institutions that had made it the hope and envy of the world.

    It’s 20 years old and even more significant now than it was then. Long but well worth the read.

    I believe in the “Great War” one finds the seeds of The West’s own destruction, as Classical Liberalism morphed into the cancerous, self-destructive form of PostModern Liberalism. The Classical Liberals, so arrogant, so proud of The West and its accomplishments, saw the horror of what mankind was capable of doing with the fruits of their inheritance of Greek Thought and Christian Ideals and turned on themselves, on their society, with a self-hatred and a loathing vehemence that has been working to destroy us all for more than 90 years now. It is the most pernicious and destructive force in the world right now, even worse than its ally, Islamofascism, which it is enabling just as it enabled the Soviets and the Nazis 70+ years and more ago. Islam, a wretched, unimaginative, dull and childish meme would be helpless before the West without its endless aid and support.

    To beat your enemy, you generally must know your enemy. Here’s a place to start.

    Also — Talk about yer prophecies…

    As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

    H. L. Mencken, “Bayard vs. Lionheart,” Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920.

  3. Last night at church,they had all the veterans stand. It was nice and we were all applauded enthusiatically. Most were men my age, and a few older. Those that remember the video linked above are now mostly disappearing, those that served in the “first war” (as my dear mother referred to it) must all be gone. All Veterans Day’s are somber ones for those that served,those that cared, etc. Although part of my service was under the administration of another abject failure, and we were advised not to go on leave in uniform, refused service in bars, etc. my heart really goes out to the new vets, those currently serving, or recently discharged. How badly I feel for them knowing that the same bastards that hurled abused at us, now are at the helm, doing their best to destroy and defame those they’re sworn to defend and protect. A sad day, indeed.

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