First prognosis for election result looks bad

Christian Democrats get the most votes at 35.5 to 37 %

Social Democrats 33 or 34 %

Free Democrats 10.5 %

Greens 8.5 %

‘Left’ 7.5 to 8.5 %

Even worse, the first extrapolation on the first results bear that out.

Very bad news, no matter which possible coalition will govern – Grand coalition or Red-Left-Green – won’t push the urgently needed reforms through. It seems that my dear compatriots aren’t in enough pain yet.

3 thoughts on “First prognosis for election result looks bad”

  1. He’s still trying to hold on by taking in the Free Democrats as a third party into a new coalition, rather tha forming a granbd coalition with the Christian Democrats as the stronger partner.

    I’m sure that he won’t succeed, but this all a bit much.

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