It’s Been One Year

…since we lost Neptunus Lex

Here again are some of my favorite Lex posts, most but not all of which I linked last year at this time. All are very much worth reading.

The captain wakes before dawn…with a feeling that all is not well with the ship

Reading Solzhenitsyn at the US Naval Academy

Movie vs reality. Lex, who served as executive officer of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), answers some question’s from his daughter’s friend about the movie.

Hornets, Tomcats, Scooters, Girls & Guys, Oh My!

Lex, in a pensive mood

Some reflections on a less-than-perfect carrier landing, a verbal interchange that probably shouldn’t have happened, and the nature of leadership

Have you ever killed anyone? asked the massage therapist, after learning that Lex had been in the Navy.

You’re having a dinner party and have the magical ability to invite 10 people–5 men and 5 women–from all of history. Who would you pick?

A troubled pilot and an F-18: Maybe they saved each other.

Colors and continuity.

Tennyson’s Ulysses, personalized and hyperlinked. Created by Lex to mark his retirement from the Navy. Perhaps my favorite of all of Lex’s posts, and particularly appropriate today.

Bill Brandt, a frequent Chicago Boyz commenter, has a tribute to the Captain at The Lexicans.

11 thoughts on “It’s Been One Year”

  1. On the “movie vs reality” matter. A friend of mine, a retired Marine fighter pilot, went into the El Toro Officers Club one Friday soon after the movie came out. He just wanted a beer before he went home to his wife. He had been a TopGun instructor at one point.

    Anyway, a girl came up to him in the club and grabbed his crotch ! Friday night in the O club had always been raucous but that was a new one for him. He told his sister to never go there on Friday.

  2. I clicked over to the Lexicon website (I’m a retired Naval Aviator) and left a brief condolence for his family. It is interesting to note that Lex’ last entry was about the use on drones on US citizens and Eric Holder’s dissembling of the notion of due process as defined in the Bill of Rights. Exactly one year to the day and Rand Paul is standing up in the Senate on this specific topic.

  3. RIP, insightful, enigmatic Lex.

    We are forever diminished by your loss. Big thanks to the family for keeping that site open.

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