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Chelsea Clinton is starting on her career in feminist politics.

At a “Women Deliver” meeting:

Chelsea Clinton said that her much-admired maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

I have to acknowledge that I agree with her. Imagine no Hillary Clinton !

This is what we have to look forward to in politicians and news readers.

“I hope that telling stories through ‘Making a Difference’ – as in my academic work and nonprofit work – will help me to live my grandmother’s adage of ‘Life is not about what happens to you, but about what you do with what happens to you.'”

Is that the grandmother who shoulda been aborted ?

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  1. Of course her grandparents were Goldwater Republicans, as was Hillary until she went Saul Alinksy on them in college. Perhaps the resiliency instilled in them from their hardscrabble upbringing was a factor.

  2. *ow* That’s gonna leave a mark, Jonathan.

    Me, I’m pretty tired of the second and third generation spawn of politicians going into the family business. It smacks of a hereditory aristocracy; I hated it with the Kennedys, and the Gores, and believe me, I hated it with the Bushes, too.

  3. The Kennedys seem to be going nuts as they move down the generations.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. likes to talk. When he calls you to discuss vaccines, he talks a lot, uninterruptably. He called Keith Kloor after Kloor wrote a story for Discover about RFK Jr.’s keynote address to a convention of people who think vaccines cause autism. You can read about their conversation at Kloor’s blog. Phil Plait wrote a story about RFK Jr. for Slate last week, pointing out that the idea that vaccines cause autism is a crackpot theory that has been thoroughly debunked, that it is dangerous, and that RFK Jr. is one of its most effective proponents.

    Maybe the parents were all on something. Ethel seemed to be. I doubt that she knew her kids apart.

  4. “Didn’t she just wish that she’d been retroactively aborted?”

    No, she complained that her grandmother couldn’t have been aborted. You can’t be aborted if you were never conceived.

    This all reminds me of the the TV show where a young woman conceived in a rape met the mother who carried her to term and gave her up for adoption. This is not the girl as that girl was black, an even stronger case.

    I’m pro-choice after seeing women die of botched abortions as a medical student but I have tremendous respect for women, like Sara Palin, who have the strength of their convictions.

  5. It’s a horrible quandary, Mike – and I am old enough to remember hearing about the horrors of illegal and botched abortions, when I was growing up, and also the cases to teenaged friends who (it was whispered) got “into trouble” and vanished for a while. It’s a hard choice, and even harder, when the pregnancy comes from having been raped. I wasn’t one of those; my child’s father was someone that I had held in affection, I was in my mid-twenties, had a college education, a place in the military, I was healthy, my child was healthy, I had health care and child care, the support of my family and friends … and it was still hard enough, bringing a child to term and giving birth alone, and being a single parent. Chelsea is out of her depth, mouthing the usual expected platitudes, without having a clue as to what they mean to real women in the real world, 40 or 50 or a hundred years ago. She’s a gilded child of privilege, like many of the other 1%, lifted up and with the way made smooth before her by her parent’s name, fame and money.

  6. I wonder if she knows what she said. Maybe it was on a teleprompter.

    I can still remember a few of those cases and it was almost 50 years ago. One was the girlfriend of a medical student who used green soap, a common and deadly abortifacient. It caused systemic hemolysis and renal shutdown in the days before dialysis. I wanted to call the school and tell them to kick him out.

  7. I was too harsh. I’m guessing she meant to say something nice in honor of her late grandmother, and also to make a ritual statement of support for Planned Parenthood, and she got it a bit mixed up. I don’t have anything against her but I see no reason to applaud any political ambitions that she may have (or that her parents may have for her). I assume that NBC hired her as a cheap way to buy access in 2016.

  8. Again I looked and saw all the evil that happens under the sun.
    I saw the tears of the oppressed, who have no comforter;
    Their oppressors are strong, and show them no mercy.
    So I blessed the dead, who had already died,
    they are happier than the living, who still suffer.
    Happiest of all is he who was never born,
    Who has not seen the evil that is done in this world.

    After Ec 4:1-3

  9. There was an old saying that dynasties don’t last more than three generations.
    So at least we can look forward to the scions of the 20th century ruling class families unraveling their fiefdoms.

  10. You have just read of the Left, or Liberals’ closest brush with logic.
    To their mind, it all makes sense. No questions asked.
    Did someone think to mention the Rockefeller political dynasty? They have been involved for over 50 years, one way or another.
    RFK Jr is not a nice person. He forced the family of his suicidal wife to allow her to be buried in his ‘family plot’, then after the furor died down, her remains got moved to a far corner. His old buddy, Hugo Chavez, supplied oil for the poor in New England, and Jr was happy as a clam to act as front man for the dictator, meanwhile demeaning competing petro firms.
    The cousin who wrecked the Mustang convertible in DC was provided said mustang by a donor organization. It was not even his.
    The late Senator Teddy from Mass did a lot of damage to this country trying to make up for his misdeeds.{and to get re-elected over and over}
    But he’s a Kennedy, so Camelot Fever got him off. Just as Clinton fever allowed an un-accomplished female to claim the NY senate seat, and later Secretary of State.
    I have to ask, Exactly What Qualifications does HRC have to be the President? Exactly what has she accomplished in her years in the WH, partial Senate term, and time as Secretary of State? To my mind, she has none.
    Any takers?

  11. Sgt. Mom said:

    “Me, I’m pretty tired of the second and third generation spawn of politicians going into the family business. It smacks of a hereditory aristocracy; I hated it with the Kennedys, and the Gores, and believe me, I hated it with the Bushes, too.”

    I agree, with the possible exception of John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

  12. One can argue that Lord Randolph Churchill’s son, Winston, worked out pretty well also.

  13. Chelsea Clinton Laments: My Great Grandmother Did Not Have Access to Planned Parenthood.

    One issue with having a child before abortions were readily available is that not every child was wanted. I wonder if Chelsea’s great grandmother let it be known to her “love child” that her birth was not a welcomed event- that she was not a loved child, but an intrusion on her mother’s life. I can well imagine that the great grandmother gave subtle- and not so subtle- digs to her daughter about her not being a welcomed child, but an intrusion. Perhaps it didn’t happen this way, but I consider it quite possible.

  14. “There was an old saying that dynasties don’t last more than three generations.”

    Yes, but it would be nice if at least the first generation of every dynasty were deserving of admiration and respect. JFK and his siblings were a pretty bad bunch, and Bill and Hillary are not exactly honorable people.

  15. “I’m pro-choice after seeing women die of botched abortions as a medical student”

    Thank goodness we live in a time of choice so that Hippocratic physicians, like Dr. Gosnell, can provide safe and unbotched abortions.

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