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  1. Jonathan – in the Sierras are these flumes built in the 1800s by the lumber industry to carry logs. I’ll bet 1-2 have a drop of 1000 feet – now if you are looking for a thrill…. ;-)

  2. I imagine this shoot would be twice(?) as fast with a little more water flowing. Crazy friction from the cement dragging on the kayak.

  3. I’d love to try that! I’m not big on getting a face plant on a boulder, but perhaps road rash from the concrete would be worth the risk. I’d probably wait for a rainy season.

    Need a large budget to replace or repair. Got to use health care while I still have it. Is foolish a pre-existing condition?


  4. Knew a guy who water skied in the big irrgation ditches in south Texas – they used a pickup with a rope knotted in the tailgate to pull the skier who was down in the ditch. He said it was kind of exciting when they were driving against oncoming traffic and everyone in the back of the truck was waving the drivers over to the other side of the road.

  5. Bill, I had read that the flumes in the Sierras were also to facilitate hydraulic mining also – and that now and again minors and locals would essay a ride in a canoe-boat that fitted into the flume – and they would go at the 19th century version of warp speed. White knuckle ride, all the way down the mountainside.

  6. Rmark,

    We did the same in West Texas using the roadside drainage ditches which were pretty deep and sometimes had standing water for a mile or so after a big rain. Great fun, except when you did a face plant into the mud…….

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