Obituary – Historian and Writer T.R. Fehrenbach

Late to the party on this one, since I dropped my newspaper subscription a couple of years ago, but one of the ladies of the Red Hat circle I belong to mentioned this to me last night at our monthly dinner out. She couldn’t quite recall his name, but outlined enough that I figured it out, and confirmed by routine googlectomy this morning. He was our own local Victor Davis Hanson; I never met him in person, but I had friends and associates who had. A fantastic historian,(and a military veteran as well, since he was of that era) but personally rather bland and plain-spoken. Two of his books, Lone Star and Comanches are on my desk shelf within reach, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

T.R. Fehrenbach, who made history read like news.

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  1. LONE STAR is a great read. Some of the stuff about the Alamo probably has to be updated in light of more recent research, but TRF certainly did have a knack for fast-reading (yet not dumbed-down) historical narrative.

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