Selected Posts from 2013, continued

The Power of Metaphor and Analogy. How verbal imagery affects decision-making.

Not a Single One. Not a single Democratic senator managed to demonstrate enough judgment and courage to go against his Party herd and vote “Nay” on the Hagel confirmation. Also, interesting comments from a political science on the increasing tribalization of the electorate…strongly related to what I call the outsourcing of judgment and conscience.

Coming Soon, to Places Near You? How French bureaucracy in the 1920s offers a preview of  rampant American bureaucracy in our present era.

The Reductio ad Absurdum of Bureaucratic Liberalism. Swedish police were unable to suppress the riots, but they were able to issue parking tickets to burned-out cars…reminding me of an old SF story by Walter Miller.

More on Bureaucracy. Peter Drucker explains why every government must be a “government of paper forms” if it is not to degenerate into a mutual looting society.

Durbin, Tocqueville, and Freedom of the Press.

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  1. Whoa, re PenGun in one of your earlier posts:

    up here in the great wet Northwest.

    Oh please please please. Don’t make me barf.

    There are plenty of Canadians (much more so BC’er’s) whom I will glady acknowledge as comrades-in-arms and fellow-citizens-of-the-Anglosophere.

    You? Not so much. Isn’t there a Trotskyite circle, or a Chomsky-inspired group of Pol-Pot admirers that you can more easily affiliate with?

  2. Attn Charles Cameron…you mentioned in comments to The Power of Metaphor and Analogy that you were working on a book and a game related to this…any progress to report?

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