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some thoughts from the UK:

A lot of what happens on Facebook, as with Twitter, is “virtue signalling” – showing off to your friends about how right on you are.

via the Assistant Village Idiot, who says:

I mentioned this long ago in terms of Not In Our Name, and also suggested that Jonathan Haidt overlooks those places where liberals are just as purity vs. disgust* concerned as conservatives. (See also environmentalism, vegetarianism, NASCAR and a host of other disgust issues, including, I think wealth – though that is more ambiguous in both camps.

*And authority driven, another trait supposedly more common among conservatives.  The imprimatur of Roberth Reich or Paul Krugman is enough in economics; climate change catastrophe is based on choice of authorities.

See also my related post  Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is…do you, Mr Priebus?


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  1. Thanks. I should stress that I greatly admire Haidt’s work, and note that he has been able to modify his theories in response to improving evidence. While that should be universal in the social sciences, it’s actually not that common.

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