“Charles Krauthammer on his distinguished career in writing and ideas”

This is a delightful interview of Krauthammer by William Kristol from earlier this year. It’s quite long but the whole thing is worth watching.

In this conversation, Charles Krauthammer reflects on his upbringing in a politically-tumultuous Quebec, his work in medicine, and his views on Zionism, Judaism, and religion. Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol also discuss some of the key ideas, questions, and themes of his writing—including the “Reagan Doctrine,” an idea he coined, the role of America in a new post-Cold War world, and whether the America of 2015 is in decline.

(A timeline of the interview appears on the interview’s YouTube page.)


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  1. Thanks from me as well – its the best, but the Kristol interviews are new to me and have been a great background while cleaning out the computer – so much

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