Summer Rerun: Selling New Concepts can be Challenging

Via Maggie’s Farm, here’s a Bob Newhart skit from 1970. Bob plays the role of an 1890s-style venture capitalist, talking on the phone with inventor Herman Hollerith, who is trying to explain the merits of punched card technology.


Related: Father, Son & Co., the biography of long-time IBM CEO Thomas Watson Jr, is the best business autobiography I’ve read. I reviewed it here.

1 thought on “Summer Rerun: Selling New Concepts can be Challenging”

  1. Thanks, David. I ordered a copy of Father, Son & Co.

    Two IBM comments:

    Firstly, one thing stands out about all my meetings with IBM over the years. They have so many ways to say ‘no’ without using the word.

    Secondly, I compete with them regularly for services. They’re tough competitors. They win despite not being the first choice of CIO because of their senior relationships and ability to change the terms of the deal.

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