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  • New! – Your Mildly Anxious Pre-Election Tech-Grouch Haikus

    Posted by Jonathan on November 5th, 2018 (All posts by )

    Elections coming.
    Bad or worse – not good or bad –
    Is the real question.


    New Google inbox
    Maximizes confusion.
    But, Google knows best.


    Social media:
    People at each other’s throats
    Over little things.


    That damned noise again. . .
    Some app, can’t ID which one.
    This is the future?


    (Feel free to add your contributions in the comments.)


    9 Responses to “New! – Your Mildly Anxious Pre-Election Tech-Grouch Haikus”

    1. James the lesser Says:

      On the day after,
      Facebook still won’t be peaceful–
      Gloating or screaming

    2. Billy-Bob Bullbaster Says:

      Achieved inner peace:
      Got rid of Facebook, Twitter.
      Liking life off grid …

    3. Brian Says:

      Vote! It’s important!
      But if you vote the wrong way,
      You’re worse than Hitler.

    4. Brian Says:

      Google says Go Vote.
      I just want to find something.
      Stop spying on me.

    5. I Miss the Seventies Says:

      Genevieve Bujold
      Earthquake. In SENSURROUND! Sexy,
      young, skinny … . Memories!

    6. Grurray Says:

      The referendum
      Asked us to legalize pot
      Crappy idea

    7. Michael J. Lotus Says:

      Election’s over
      Wailing and grinding of teeth
      Go on nonetheless

    8. Brian Says:

      If your happiness
      Depends on an election
      You should get out more.

    9. Tatyana Says:

      Election is over
      Still, Dem Hóng Wèibīng harass
      Riders at subway station