2 thoughts on “Heather MacDonald”

  1. I read the first two of Kurt Schlicter’s novels about a post schism America. The first, “Peoples’ Republic,” was written before the 2016 election and assumes Hillary Clinton was elected.

    It is set mostly in Los Angeles. He lives there and, knows it well. It is very dystopic but he gets the mentality of the angry left very well.

    The second, called “Indian Country” was written after the election but assumes Hillary won a 2020 election rematch. It is more about military, which he knows well, as the author is a retired Army Colonel. It is set in a civil war over southern Indiana. It has the same description of the militant left in control. The assumption is that the coastal blue states and some of the Midwest, mostly big cities, remain with the blue states.

    They are so well done and so realistic that I am now reading something else. It is too depressing.

    America 3.0 is much more optimistic but still suggests a split is coming.

  2. Fine interview. The problem began by losing the ideological battle in the state dominated educational system, from top to bottom. That iswhere it will have tobe reversed. Unless we find a way txobreak up this oligopoly bordering on monopoly,there is little I can see that will prevent the split and collapse of the American society.

    School choice, vouchers and making higher education competitive to provide choice (probably by getting government out of the grants, aid and loans) are not trivial. The time frame for effective reversal is decades, not years. The entrenched interests are formidable and in controlof the education narrative.


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