Seth Barrett Tillman: If You Thought HRC’s “Deplorable” Comments Were Bad—Come Visit My Bailiwick: CONLAWPROF

Seth quotes another law professor:

I don’t know how many such voters [for Trump] there are, but even one is too many. They are nuts, and complicit in evil… (emphasis added)

From the comments:

“Vote for us you deplorable scum”
Now that’s a bumper sticker that I want to see.

The western Left, having gotten by for decades on slogans, ad hominem attacks and physical intimidation, is unable to make its case against an opponent who won’t be intimidated and who has mastered the Left’s own rhetorical tools. Center-Right voters have caught on, thus Trump. Center-Right pols are catching on slowly. Or so it seems. Don’t get cocky, as the man said.

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  1. “Vote for us you deplorable scum”

    But is that intended to be a pro-dem or pro-rep bumper sticker?

    John “Proud to be a deplorable scum” Henry

  2. “The Revenge of Conscience” might be relevant here.

    “Even when suppressed, however, the knowledge of guilt always produces certain objective needs, which make their own demand for satisfaction irrespective of the state of the feelings. These needs include confession, atonement, reconciliation, and justification.

    Now when guilt is acknowledged, the guilty deed can be repented so that these four needs can be genuinely satisfied. But when the guilty knowledge is suppressed, they can only be displaced. That is what generates the impulse to further wrong.”

  3. “I don’t know how many such voters [for Trump] there are, but even one is too many. They are nuts, and complicit in evil… (emphasis added)”

    This type of comment sincerely never ceases to amaze me. First 62 million people voted for Trump. So your professor could start there I guess. In a country of 320 million people many of whom are not eligible to legally vote because of age or lack of citizenship, I would say that 62 million is significant.

    I know a bunch of people who voted for Trump. They are definitely not “nuts”.

    They have some things in common though. Most of them hold advanced degrees, many of them in law. All of them believe in working hard and taking care of their families. All of them are intelligent and well informed. All of them believe that we should have a strong border. All of them are opposed to transforming our country into a third world country so people can feel good about themselves. Some of them are black, some of them are Hispanic, many of them are women. All of them think we pay too much federal tax and that many in our political class are corrupt. Some of them are pro-choice and some of them are pro-life. Most of them believe anthroprogenic “climate change” is the biggest hoax they [the political class and the institutional left] has perpetrated on us yet. I could go on and on and on…

    Now for the “complicit in evil” bit. What absolute, ridiculous hyperbole.

    What evil might that be….legal immigration as opposed to illegal? No path to citizenship until the border is secured? Discouraging the sale of Hispanic babies to be used as a tool for illegal entry? Discouraging Hispanic mothers to send their daughters to the border with coyotes who rape them all the way up here even when they are essentially children? Refusing to accept that people who haven’t been tested and quarantined can simply enter our country bringing us TB etc when we know there are now drug resistant strains in the world?

    Or how about this evil: the lowest unemployment in our country in years and perhaps historically; the lowest black unemployment historically; the lowest Hispanic unemployment historically; the best GDP in my memory; Guatemala agreeing to keep people in their country instead of passing them through; Mexico taking concrete steps t help secure our border for the first time in my memory,tax cuts, judicial appointments that will push back against the transformation of the judicial branch of our Federal government into a legislature and will hopefully reign in the un-elected bureaucracy that the legislative branch of our Federal government has delegated its function to so they can sit in hearing rooms and record soundbites for themselves so they can get re-elected….again on and on and on and on….

  4. Sometimes I think, “Nah, can’t happen here.” Then I read words like the one above, and hear where ANTIFA fascists think it’s okay to beat old men with crowbars because…reasons. How far away is that from marching people into concentrating camps because they don’t like what I believe? Because it’s only been a couple generations since the Democrats last interned people in actual concentration camps because….reasons. The Dems and their political violence arm, ANTIFA, can come and try to take away my and my family’s freedom. The start of that is the public statement that I am evil, and therefore worthy of whatever they want to do with me because…reasons.
    And there, above, it is.

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