“My Muslim Faith”

Ha. Of course it is just a slip. Whatever. Not worth writing about. Dum de dum. No. Of course not.

The black helicopter crowd will say, “ah ha! see! I told you so!” But I shun such silliness. Even though he has two Muslm fathers and his middle name is Hussein, I believe he is actually a Christian, just like Jeremiah Wright, the Pastor who meant so much to him for so many years until political expediency required Obama to fling his spiritual father under the bus.

Nonetheless, even though it is not really important, the Quayle-O-Meter is setting off bells, whistles, sirens, circus calliopes, flashing lights, disco balls, strobes and rotating police-car beacons. It always does that for a jackpot-sized gaffe.

No need to ask what would happen if McCain or Palin had said this.

Though it is pretty funny to think about.

Obama fails the Quayle Test almost every day.

And the MSM, by definition, fails it too.

As I described during the last election, we are witnessing an abusive and unprincipled monopoly hacking out its last, dying coughs.

Faster, please.

(Meanwhile, of course, the MSM is committed to its primary task: Trying to find a way to destroy Gov. Palin.)

6 thoughts on ““My Muslim Faith””

  1. hacking out its last, dying coughs.

    I dunno, man, I agree with everything else you wrote but this part seems like hope against hope. It sure seems like The Monopoly just keeps keeping on, year after year.

  2. I’m confused–are you saying that someon, perhaps Barack Obama uttered these words? All you have is the phrase My Muslim Faith in quote marks. Who said it, where, in what context? Am I just not reading this correctly?


  3. The MSM is dying, just not fast enough for my liking.

    Nor mine, but the MSM is more than newspapers. And it’s certainly more than the large city dailies; it also includes The Three Network News, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox (and George Soros ;-)

    In many ways the various medium and small town newspapers are the MSM as well and they, from what I know, coming from and living in small towns, not only try to be fair, but are generally also responsive to the voices in the communities they serve. I just don’t how well they are doing because so many are privately held.

  4. “…the MSM is more than newspapers…”

    The Ostheer was more than 6th Army. But when it died at Stalingrad, that was progress.

    Seeing the New York Times die will also be progress.

    If small town newspapers are fair and responsive, well bully for them. Long may they stay in business.

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