Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Interviews Ralph Nader

I just got around to watching a few Conan O’Brien shows on my tivo and I saw this amazingly hilarious interview that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog conducted with Ralph Nader.

I love the moment when Triumph pans the camera around to the “media” that is there to interview Nader… some guy from Madison (Dan?) of course, and Triumph asks if they are going to compare their “Pure Prairie League” album collection.

5 thoughts on “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Interviews Ralph Nader”

  1. ‘Ol Ralph was actually a pretty good sport about it.

    I couldn’t help noticing that he clamped onto that fin like white on rice.

  2. I love the Madison crack – WORT is, well, lets just say that they are so far left they wrap around to the right at times. And I wish I had a dime for every guy I have seen around here with an unkempt beard like the one in the video.

  3. A sea change as citizens see their savings disappear.

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    Open the damn debates!
    mckinney ventura
    perot charts

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