Hitting a Limit

I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly tolerant person; my name isn’t Karen and I don’t feel any particular need to speak to the manager. In this I take after the maternal grandmother; the one who never made scenes upon receiving bad or abusive customer service. The paternal grandmother would and did, although in Granny Dodie’s defense, she didn’t take umbrage over small and inadvertent offenses and usually got some kind of satisfaction or apology from indulging in recreational Karenism. Granny Jessie would gather up her dignity, depart the scene of the offense quietly … and then never, ever return. No threats, no other complaint, no talk with the manager. Granny Jessie was just gone and relentless in determination to never darken that door again.

So it is with me now, and the thrice-accursed New York Times, which for reasons unfathomable to me is a big media deal, nationwide. I can only conclude that it is a big freaking deal media-wise because it’s published in a major city, and the people who live there have an excellent conceit of themselves, since the city is a locus for fashion, media, entertainment, arts, culture, finance and all the rest of it. Big national presence, cachet for aspiring reporters, the glamour and prestige of working for a major national – even THE national newspaper. As such it was hard to avoid. When the New York Times deigned to cover an event, national or international, they were the Bigfoot. Their very presence made a story a big story, bigger by their presence. And now and again their reporters did stumble upon something interesting, amusing, insightful and linkworthy, so it was worth it to me now and again to read something from the Times website.
But no more. They were on very thin ice with me when it came to the disgraceful 1619 Project, and now with a final obscenity last weekend – Memorial Day weekend – with an editorial positing that the US military celebrates white supremacy through the names of a handful of Army bases – posts and forts which happened to be named for local military leaders who served the in the short-lived Confederacy. That’s it for the Times and I. Done, finished, not another link or a read. Never mind that the US military was desegregated in the Truman administration, never mind that such bases, posts and forts were named sometime during the century before the last, most always as a gesture of reconciliation after a blood-soaked civil war which tore the nation into two ragged parts, never mind that the US military generally tries for color-blindness in conferring promotion, never mind that it is, more than just about every other American establishment, an organization where black is the boss of white just about as often as white is the boss of black. I’m done with these historically ignorant, racist fools. It’s almost as if they want to see another civil war.
I had a kind of reader account with them until this week. I was notified every day by email of stories of potential interest. I tagged their email as spam.
Speaking of news orgs losing credibility, the MSNBC reporter doing a live standup in front of a building on fire in Minneapolis and insisting that the protests were “mostly peaceful” and some fires “had started,” must be another nail in the coffin of national news organization credibility. It’s as if the fire burning the building behind him had just sort of spontaneously generated, all by it’s little old self. For the second time this week, life imitates the movie Animal House. (The first time being when Joe Biden mixed up D-Day and Pearl Harbor.)
Oh, never mind – they’re on a roll. Discuss as you wish.

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  1. My wife has mild Karen tendencies as she will get on her high horse if someone is dissing her.

    Generally, she is pretty benign.

    Minneapolis is getting a full dose of identity politics, “Good and Hard” as HL Mencken put it.

    Now, there is video of an obvious ANTIFA thug, equipped with gas mask for tear gas, who Former Nation of Islam Minnesota AG Keith Ellison has described as a policeman agent provocateur.

    Ellison is also co-chair of the DNC. Bringing you identify politics DNC style.

  2. Step back and examine what the media is doing, and you’ll see an awful lot of correlation between their current work product and the classic hallmarks of a Soviet-style dezinformatsiya operation. It has all the textbook features, spread across the entire media spectrum.

    The really amazing thing is, however, that I don’t think it is sourced in quite the same way similar Soviet operations were–There is no central organ developing and putting this crap out. Instead, it is all derived from a common media culture that has been developed and disseminated in our own universities and colleges, starting back in the 1960s when they “professionalized” journalism. What it is now is a perfect example of groupthink that has taken over an entire profession which effectively controls the majority of a major part of our economy and public intellectual commons. You can hardly find a dissenting voice in it all, anywhere–Even the supposed “conservative” Fox News picks and chooses the subjects it covers with the same sort of framing and mindset as MSNBC or any of the other left-wing “outlets”. What few dissenting voices there are out there become merely symbolic vestiges without real influence, kept around mainly to make things look “fair and balanced”.

    The entire media market is committing suicide as we watch–Broadcast TV is dying, with more and more people “cutting the cable”. Where this ends, I don’t know–But, I do know that there will be repercussions for the left-wing Gramscian takeover they’ve attempted to put over on the rest of us. The actual casualty for this long-running caper won’t be what they think it will be, however–It’s more likely to be our national identity and sense of common purpose that die, along with the entire cultural media base they meant to use. They’re essentially killing what they meant to take over and use as a powerbase, failing to recognize the reality of the matter.

  3. There is no central organ developing and putting this crap out.

    Don’t be too sure.

    THis is 7 years old but probably still the same people.

    I doubt that there is any conservative organization that can boast a remotely comparable list of corporate supporters. CAP’s disclosure is a timely reminder that large corporations are not, in general, supporters of free enterprise. Many of them love to partner with government to suppress innovation and competition. Koch Industries stands alone, as far as I know, as a relatively large company that actually supports free enterprise as a matter of principle. Which is why corporatist America, through disreputable organizations like the Center for American Progress, has waged unremitting warfare against Koch.

    Koch brother (one died) is now partnering with George Soros,.

  4. Indeed, Kirk – it’s perhaps not formally organized, via the new version of JournoList … but it’s like spirits cooperating in a common cause.

    And much good will that do them, in the long run. The ‘cutting the cable’ discussion was interesting, in that I did that some time ago. We bought Roku boxes and went to a couple of streaming services in about 2012 or 2013, and have never been more pleased at what was available for a pittance of what I was paying for cable.

  5. since the city is a locus for fashion, media, entertainment, arts, culture, finance

    For now. Recall that in the 1950s, Detroit was the wealthiest city in the country. Recall also that not so long ago, London was the center of world finance, not NYC.

    NYC has been fleecing the financial industry for years to provide the city’s subvention. Eventually the financial industry will realize … they don’t really need to be in NYC. In fact, going somewhere else would … save them a lot of money and aggravation. A lot of banks now have significant operations in Charlotte, NC.

    It is an odd characteristic of liberals/ leftists to think that they can change something, and that absolutely nothing else will change as a consequence. So if there’s a $1 billion/year financial stream, and they implement a 10% tax, they confidently expect to pocket $100 million.

    They clearly would have flunked differential equations.

  6. Indeed, Kirk – it’s perhaps not formally organized, via the new version of JournoList … but it’s like spirits cooperating in a common cause.

    If I had to bet, I’d bet it is formally organized, just with better opsec so as not to be embarrassed again. (See, e.g,. ACORN, which after being exposed just morphed into something else; same people, same agenda, different name.)

    Having said that, it isn’t necessary to posit coordination. After all, the birds don’t have to coordinate to fly south for the winter.

  7. The other thing to look at, aside from media coordination (probable false-flag operation ongoing at CNN… Or, it’s out of control. Either one…), is the coordinated way all this has blown up, nationwide.

    I’ll guarantee you that there were plans made, logistics organized, and agent provocateurs in place for all of this.

    And, if Trump isn’t using the same assets that Obama used against him to monitor all this in real time, taking careful notes and getting ready for mass arrests and indictments of those responsible…? He’s not the sneaky bastard I thought he was.

    We are in for a most interesting summer, folks. Have your popcorn ready, and keep your powder dry. If you live in or near a major Democrat-run urban area, be prepared for riot and rampage near you. If you don’t already own the means for self-defense, you would be very well-advised to change that. And, be thinking actively, at all times. These “riots” have a habit of blowing up without warning.

    Guarantee you that Antifa and Black Bloc are involved in all this, somehow… And, that there are going to be riots in places nobody was expecting. Just like I’d wager none of the responsible parties are going to expect what comes after. Trump is no fool, and I suspect he’s been monitoring all this crap from day one.

  8. We are in for a most interesting summer, folks.

    I am loading my 30 round clip for the AR 15. I heard today that the shooting ranges around Tucson are open.

    Does Trump have the balls to take down the ANTIFA thugs burning down the cities?

    What is next ? Minneapolis and Atlanta are black rioter cities. I see no Democrat Mayor with the guts to keep the peace.

    Summer is early. Glad to be in Arizona, even if it is 106 today.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I’ve been hanging on to the NYT telling myself the few times I wanted to check how bad they were, to know my enemy was worth it. You’re right, nevermore. Your words made me realize I was delusional in sending them the little bit it cost every month.
    Thank you. Now to open their site for the last time and cancel my subscription.

  10. I think since the election of Donald Trump (or probably before), people have become truly fed up with the New York self-importance and sense of entitlement continually outlined in the New York Times. The dreadful coronavirus infection and death rates so mishandled by full-of-himself Cuomo, and the many idiocies of Bill de Blasio have only added to the disgust. We had the misfortune to drive through the Bronx last year (because we missed a turn) and saw firsthand what a literal rat warren New York is. If we never heard the words “New York” or “New York Times” again, it would be too soon.

  11. Indeed. I now think of that publication as “The New York Times-Stürmer” – like the rabble-rousing Nazi newspaper. They’re basically descended to the same lever as Der Stürmer. Why not call them what they are?

  12. While Truman signed the desegregation order he did absolutely nothing to actually desegregate the military. That was done by Eisenhower.

  13. I had a NYT sub until the last election cycle. As soon as Trump delcared his candidacy — one I did not then support (I was a Cruz guy) — the NYT had daily, above the fold, anti-Trump articles in EVERY section. It was obvious to me what was going on, so I cancelled.

    As to TV news, I have not watched it in years. I don’t watch the networks at all, anymore, for any of their content.

    Good riddance to all of them.

  14. Amen, Kingsnake.
    And Jay Guevara, thanks for the link to that “Frameworks Institute.” Yikes. And does anyone even know what a “sociolinguist” is? See the bio of one of the leaders of that coven. Egad.

  15. Correction to my first post, that was Miguel Cervantes who posted the Frameworks Institute link. Sorry about that.

  16. Voyager, Buffalo Soldiers were in separate units — e.g. 9th & 10th Cavalry — during the latter half of the 19th Century. Not sure about 1890-1914 …

  17. Sgt. Mom Says:
    May 29th, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    …it’s like spirits cooperating in a common cause.
    Indeed. You don’t need a Pope if your Bible is clear enough. And the progressive bible is very clear.

    They learn their religion in elementary school. Journalism school is their seminary. There are few dissenters from that sort of indoctrination.

  18. Hi Celia,

    I have said for more than a decade now that if the NYT wrote that the Sun would rise in the East tomorrow morning, I would have to get up and check for myself. I don’t trust those people about ANYTHING. Everything is viewed by them through their leftist political prism and they don’t even think twice about blatantly lying, as long as they can tell themselves it was in the service of what a recent despicable traitor called, “A Higher Loyalty.”

    I am not sure that I could possibly despise that organization and its members more than I do. I hope I live long enough to see them go out of business and suffer the bone-crushing ignominy of having to face the fact of having completely destroyed what was once the most respected news imprimatur on the planet. I recall that when I was a young man, the NYT was the newspaper of record in both America and the world. How have the mighty fallen–and they did it to themselves!

  19. @Mac,

    My friend, if you’ve ever taken the NYT seriously as some paragon of truthfulness, you are either dangerously naive, or delusional. The NYT is, after all, the “news” paper that published and supported Walter Duranty and a host of other lying propagandists.

    Aside from a short period after its founding, the NYT has always been a reactionary source of limited value. They published the Pentagon Papers after decades of support for the “intervention” in South Vietnam. When Kennedy gave the orders to depose Diem and his family from power, the NYT was right there supporting the whole sorry mess. As soon as they had someone Republican to blame, however? Yeah–Turned on a dime, and you never heard a word about their earlier support for the whole sordid affair. It was like the Kennedy Krime Krew was Republican, and the whole Vietnam War something that the Republicans had come up with.

    They’ve been lying sacks of human filth since before WWII, and haven’t ever told the truth about anything in my lifetime. They supported the other side during the Cold War, and if they could undo the downfall of the Soviet Union, they’d make that happen in a heartbeat. The majority of the staff of the NYT has always been on “the other side” for as long as I can remember reading their tripe, which goes back to the mid-1970s.

  20. Here is a pretty good explanation of Biden’s role this election.

    This rings true to me.

    These are the kind of people that would love to have the levers of power in the United States with nobody knowing who they are. These people are not the kind of people who are obsessed with power because of fame it will bring them. These are the kind of people who want this power and hope to never be known, never identified as people who possess it.”

    Limbaugh’s mistake is he failed to follow the money.

    To be sure, the tech guys seem to have a lot of money, but that is an illusion. They are paper billionaires because they own shares of companies that exist on paper only.

    Limbaugh cited Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve. She now is a junior leaguer engaged in politics, sort of a rich man’s Jane Fonda.

    But who owns Apple?



    Red China.

    That makes good sense. Joe is China’s candidate.

  21. You are just now figuring out that the NY Times sucks?

    Most of us knew that 40 years ago.

    Welcome to the party, pal.

  22. I knew that the NY-Times-Sturmer sucked a good few years ago. It’s with these latest developments, I concluded that they were viciously malign. Actually a garbage propaganda rag, produced and published by garbage people, in a garbage city, a city which somehow has delusions of being an empire city. But which only sits atop a pile of garbage.

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