Vote for McCain, He May Win

Probably most of the people who read this blog want McCain to win. He may not, as the odds appear to be against him. (As I write this, the evil conservative propagandists on Faux News are more or less predicting an Obama landslide, and are helpfully suggesting that the election will be over as soon as Obama wins Indiana. Thanks, guys. Don’t expect your fair-mindedness to buy you much consideration from an Obama FCC.)

But, if you can vote, you should vote for McCain despite the apparent odds. You should do this because no one really knows what the odds are. The Obama campaign, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) want Republican voters to believe that the election is a done deal and that voting Republican is wasted effort. They want to discourage McCain votes and votes for other Republicans down the ticket. They are doing this because McCain and the other Republicans still have a chance to win. That chance will be reduced to the extent Republican voters take the Democrats’ advice. Don’t fall for it, vote for McCain.

It would be a shame if Republicans made media prophecies self-fulfilling by allowing themselves to be talked out of voting. Ignore media projections and vote for McCain. The only poll that matters is the election itself.

UPDATE: Rand Simberg has similar thoughts.

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  1. This radio show is about what is truly at stake in this election, and what we are TRULY voting for. It can change the mindset of the entire country and could have an effect for years to come. Most people don’t think of it in this way. It’s very surprising. And either way you decide, you will at least be aware and understand the unspoken implications. If you like what you hear, please pass the link on to others who you may think might like it.

  2. I remember a human interest story a few years ago – probably on the old Kuralt show. A couple in the panhandle of Nebraska had to drive to the nearest polling place – about a hundred miles away. They’d argue all the way there, cancel each other’s vote, then get in the car and drive back, continuing the argument. They thought it was important to vote – it is. My husband would drive back a hundred miles when we were in grad school. I think making voting easy, like making anything easy, leads people to take it for granted. When it’s hard, you know why you do it. And you do it because to an American this is a “civic sacrament”. That was Jonathan’s term a long four years ago; with his usual modesty he said it was someone else’s phrase; a commetor credited Theodore Hesburgh). Lexington built on it nicely, too. If Obama is as bad as we fear, the act of voting will be a statement. If he isn’t nearly that bad, well, then our votes are a statement of another point of view; I said earlier that I didn’t think he cared if he had a mandate or not. Commentors said, surely, it hasn’t gone that far. They may well be right, and if they are, every vote that doesn’t elect someone remains a statement urging restraint.

    (I was new to Chicagoboyz when I followed that exchange and realized how much I liked these guys.)

    And even in a landslide for Obama, our vote has a larger purpose; William Carlos Williams helps us remember: “El Hombre.”
    It’s a strange courage
    you give me ancient star:

    Shine alone in the sunrise
    toward which you lend no part!

  3. Thanks, Ginny.

    I have read that in some executions they give one member of the firing squad a rifle loaded with a blank cartridge. He will know that he fired a blank but no one else will. Thus no one member of the firing squad can be held responsible for killing the condemned person. Maybe it’s similar with voting. If an Obama presidency goes South, expect the population of people who admit to voting for him to shrink.

    I echo a commenter on Rand Simberg’s post by suggesting that voters who are concerned about maintaining politically-correct appearances vote for McCain but tell everyone you voted for Obama.

    Of course, if Obama is elected I hope that he defies my expectations and does a good job.

  4. For a dissenting viewpoint, you may wish to consult Ilana Mercer’s blogspot, and read “Insane McCain”.

  5. Robert,

    Mercer did not discuss national defense, at least not in Part II of her McCain piece. I acknowledge that McCain is a poor candidate in many ways (other than Huckabee he was my last choice as Republican nominee). However, McCain understands that the USA is threatened by, among others, radical Islam, and that talk and appeasement are not adequate to protect us. I don’t think that Obama shares McCain’s understanding in this area, and that is a deal breaker for me.

  6. Polls routinely overestimate 6 to 10 points in favor of the Democrat. McCain may win, indeed. Then the propagandists on the national airwaves will be put in their place. Talk about change we REALLY need!

  7. There are several bloggers who have made it quite clear that this is a far closer race than the Leftools want the conservatives to believe. AJ Strata and DJ Drommon have both written extensively on the validity (or lack thereof) of the polls, and Zombie has written of the Left’s errors.Below are links to specific articles, but by all means, for AJ and for DJ (Stolen Thunder), glance at other recent pieces about polls. There’s a lot to give reason to believe that EVERYONE needs to vote today, especially if you are in one of the “swing states”. There is certainly a heavy chance of another “push” vote like FL in 2000, and McCain’s turnout will be central to any hope of winning.

    AJ Strata:
    About Those Polls & Turnout Models

    DJ Drummon
    A Few Thoughts About the State Polls

    The Left’s Big Blunder

    Certainly their reasoning and ideas may all be mere wishful thinking, but, if they are right, then you’re going to kick yourself if it comes down to a few thousand votes in your state.

    Another sign of hope — utterly anecdotal, but it says a lot:
    My (Phone) Schlep to Florida

  8. Good luck to you all. I went to the launch of the new organization “America in the World” yesterday and was one of the few who insisted that McCain had a chance. Mind you, many of theme were little Toryboys and those are unreliable weathervanes. They think Obama will win so, all of a sudden, the Conservative Party supports the man. It will give them nothing. But here’s hoping. Though I cannot believe that one man and his corrupt political machine can destroy the United States. I am sure you have faced worse. However, I do agree that if the predictions will not come out then within a couple of days you will find that very few people actually supported Obama. Won’t it be fun to watch Peggy Noonan squirm?

  9. This is the first election in my life that I am registered as a Republican. I’ve heard a lot of talk from other Republicans how McCain isn’t “conservative” enough. I don’t know what this mythical conservatism is that these folks keep talking about or when it ever existed in the real world. I just want to encourage my fellow Republicans to put on your big girl pants and get out and vote!

  10. The Dems have been pontificating that the Republicans are doing everything evil to suppress voter turnout. Of course, describing the election as a done deal for Obama is all about suppressing voter turnout. Go vote.

  11. John McCain is a great American. He has earned our respect and our vote. As a Clinton Democrat in a blue state I will stand in line for John McCain, and hope all his supporters will do the same. I still believe that he can win this. Don’t let the media decide this election. Stick it to ’em!

  12. Mailed it in a few weeks ago – we have the option to do absentee balloting for any reason here in Wisconsin. BIG time saver, just hope they didn’t throw my ballots in the trash (yes, ballots plural – one for me, one for the wife).

  13. Just make sure that tomorrow, you’re sure to take your own finger-wagging advice from Nov. 5, 2000 — and “get over it” and move on” and “respect our new president”, etc.

    (Say goodnight grandpa.)

  14. PlanB – You can count on me “getting over it” and “respecting our new president” just as much as the Democrats did.

    After all, that’s the truest patriotism.

  15. > Though I cannot believe that one man and his corrupt political machine can destroy the United States. I am sure you have faced worse.

    True, but the SOB can hurt us. The kind of decisions he is behind, should he be allowed to make them, in many cases have 10-15 year lifespans AFTER he gets tossed out and someone else starts fixing things.

    > However, I do agree that if the predictions will not come out then within a couple of days you will find that very few people actually supported Obama.

    Ah, but, like the Democrats, the Butterfly Conservatives, too, will find that the internet has a long memory.

  16. > Of course, if Obama is elected I hope that he defies my expectations and does a good job.

    …but take a short position, nonetheless… LOL.

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